By 2014, Matthias Wahls, PhD, has accumulated 15 years of experience in the international academic publishing industry. He originally had started his publishing career at Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, in 1999, as publishing editor Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. In 2003, he joined Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden as a senior publisher STM. As per 2005, he took over the responsibility of Business Development Manager at Brill. Since then, he is travelling regularly to the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong, to explore and develop numerous kinds of publishing opportunities. As one major result of his China-related activities for Brill, the newly established publishing program on Modern and Contemporary Chinese Studies was launched internationally by the Leiden based publisher, in 2009.


Effective 2010, the M.Wahls publishing consultancy, the Hague, the Netherlands, has been officially starting its own independent services. Till date the following international academic publishers have been served in their China endeavors:
De Gruyter, Berlin, Germany (2010/11),
Bloomsbury p.l.c., London, (2011/12),
Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, (2011/12, 2015/16),
Leuven University Press, Leuven, Belgium, (2010)
Lexxion, The law publisher, Berlin, Germany, (2014/15)
EDP-Sciences, Paris, France, (2016-)
Frank & Timme Wissenschaftsverlag, Berlin, Germany, (2014-17), Berlin, Germany, (2016-)

Since 2012, M. Wahls is related as an executive editor to the U.S. based new publishing initiative at Bridge21 publishers. [ ]. Bridge21 publishers aims to internationalize the highest quality research about East Asian culture—past, present, and future—with special attention to greater China. Amongst other topics in the Humanities, M. Wahls himself is managing the list on Chinese Film and Media at the press, in co-operation with Prof. Dr. Stefan Kramer, University of Cologne, Germany.


In China, M Wahls is well connected to many of the top tier publishing houses and groups. Through the many cross-culture bridges, which have been successfully built during the past 10 years between China and the Western publishing hemisphere, the M.Wahls Publishing Consultancy is proud to offer a wide and deep network in the truly international world of academic publishing, on either side.

We are specialized in exploring your own business desires at the other side of the bridge, with our well developed cross-cultural insights, methods and approaches.