These synths were programmed with Synthedit to design sounds. You can freely download and use at your own pleasure and risk. Just turn those knobs and try to understand their signal flow. Kobe include a small user guide .

Click names and use "Save as" to download zipfiles. Since Oct-2002

BEST WITH 1024x768

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A basic monophonic bassline switchable to polyphonic. Easy to work and with up to 6pole SVF multimode filters

A simple Synth with 2 Oscillators (Sync & FM), 2 envelopes and a 4-pole filter. Leads, and simple pads can be easily achieved without much tweaking.

Inspired by Buzz's Makk M3Pro, I created a basic 3 Osc synth. Usable for almost any purpose but keeping your CPU.

A 2005 design, using ideas from ANX1 adding some filters. FOUND, actually available. Sources seems lost.

Shown under Reaper as BSSynth, Saturn is a very nasty synth that can scream or round the sound using a parallel bandpass filter whose resonation is controlled by the reso value and the filter level. Just play with it.

A try on Phase ditortion synthesis, includes 6Poles SVF filter. For leads and agressive sounds.

Some complex new brand morph oscillators (AM+FM+Sync), some filter matrix presets and selectable envelope decay speed. This new synth is a new experiment with some power solutions. It's in beta stage, anyone interested in testing it should e-mail me. Updated Feb'10 with some fixes and some stuff added.

XtrudeR, Experimental

XtrudeR, Version J

This is an enough complex synth to get unexpected results. It has complex modulation options and only 2 preprogrammed presets. For leads and agressive sounds. Version 1.81 Now with selectable Envelope Slope

The basis of all the MVX Series, built with SynC Modular on 1999. 5 oscillators, 2 parallel multimode filters and modulation capabilities to get almost any sound with low CPU usage.

A sound designer's tool. Not easy to work with, but with capabilities to create a wide variety of sounds. Multioscillator with many routing possibilities and modulation sends & sources.

A remake of MVM, with slightly modified routings, switchable off modules & linkable filter.

Designed to create different timbres with Xfade oscillators, uses a MVM simplified engine.

Don't touch it's 8x8 matrix modulator. It is the most complex synth I've ever built, and altough there's more than 200 controllers, they're all in the same page alowwing to keep informed of what modulates where.

Due to its high CPU usage, it's voice limited.