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Below are basic Facilities documents.  ALSO CHECK THE RECENT BOND "PROJECT INFORMATION"

The most detailed District financial items are on theDistrict  web site - the best state comparisons can be found at EdData or the site.  The standardized test scores (and comparisons) are The US Depsrtment of Education and the California CDE sites.
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Architects + Engineers C&N Report Conditions and Needs on a school by school/ building by building inventory. Engineers reports on structures rated 1 (best) to 4 (dangerous). 
hired Architects SFIP = Facilities Plan The detailed list of what the district would want to do with $432 Million if they had it. This is in priority order and explained by current school sites. No plans for reopened schools. 
hired Architects sfip_cost_estimate Financial report in "printed out spreadsheet format". This contains line-by-line items for each site. Many lines are cost per square foot estimates (i.e. roofing, demolished and replaced bathroom tiling). 
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