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DUES  ($20.00 in the U.S.) ($25.00 outside the U.S.**) per calendar year.
DUE JANUARY 1st for a calendar year; new memberships and renewals received by
FEBRUARY 1st will be included in the Annual Membership Directory.

Memberships received later in the year will receive the Membership Directory and newsletter(s) published to that point plus the remainder for the year -- memberships received after Nov. 1st will be held for the next year unless requested otherwise.

Your ZIP + 4 full ZIP CODE (or postal code equivalent for non-U.S. members) will help insure your newsletters reach you quickly.  Please keep the Secretary / Treasurer and Newsletter Editor apprised of changes to your address.  The U.S. Postal Service charges the club over  50 cents for each address correction sent out by your local post office.  If your address changes, you may not receive all your newsletters as they are mailed Standard Mail (formerly "bulk rate") rather than First Class.  PLEASE let the  NEWSLETTER EDITOR know if you have "summer" and "winter" addresses that need to be accounted for in the mailings.

NAME______________________________  SPOUSE ______________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________
CITY___________________________STATE/PROV._____________________CTRY: _____________
  POSTAL CODE: _______________________
*Phone (including area code): (____) _______________
*FAX (including area code):  (___ ) _________________
 *E-Mail ____________________________
*Web site U.R.L.: _______________________________________
*We understand the desire to protect privacy if you chose not to share this information.  We also
ask members not to abuse this directory information or share it in a way that might be to another member's detriment.
        ** International member dues are $25.00 (in U.S. funds) per year to defray extra mailing costs outside the U.S.  ALL CHECKS MUST BE DRAWN ON A U.S. BANK .AS NON- U.S. BANKS CAUSE A $10 FEE PER TRANSACTION.  INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS MAY ALSO CHOOSE TO PAY VIA PAYPAL, OR WESTERN UNION MONEY ORDER.  Please contact the Secretary / Treasurer to work out the details.

Clyde Ketelsen,  Sec'y - Treas.
10909 Ideal Ave. North
Grant, MN 55115-1399