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Several archived versions of the former web site can be found at www.archive.orgFeb 2005 is early.   (Caution -- the earliest links are to a site that belonged to an earlier owner of "mvwc.org").

"Bus" Haury captured newer screen shots of the old web site and is hosting & updating them as follows:

http://www.wrenchingnews.com/MVWC/home.html  = old Home page ( with some updates and deletions )

http://www.wrenchingnews.com/MVWC/links.html = old Links page

http://www.wrenchingnews.com/MVWC/glossary.html = old Glossary page

http://www.wrenchingnews.com/MVWC/patent-searching.html = old Patent Searching  page

http://www.wrenchingnews.com/MVWC/wrench-of-the-month.html = old Wrench of the Month  page

http://www.wrenchingnews.com/MVWC/membership.html  = old Dues / Membership form  page