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Active discussion, etc. related to Missouri Valley Wrench Club member interests takes place in a Facebook Group.

Pending enhancements and extension of this web site and related social media efforts, the Missouri Valley Wrench Club Newsletter is the club's most significant member benefit. Since summer 2015, the club's efforts include a   FACEBOOK GROUP  (and related Facebook presence)  and renewed effort to post images in FLICKR.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!! : Take a look at the sample pages from representative newsletters in the Newsletter Sampler pdfs section of the site, and if you find them useful / interesting, use the Membership Form to join the club.

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Please direct suggestions for the newsletter,  this web site,  or the club's   FACEBOOK GROUP   (and related Facebook presence)  to:
Stan Schulz // 659 E. 9th // York, NE 68467 ( mvwcnews at gmail dot com)

Questions or comments about the club in general can be directed to any of the officers:

2019-2020 CLUB OFFICERS:
Dan Gaier, President
4477 West U.S. Rte 36
Piqua, OH 45356-9334
dgaier1 at woh.rr.com 

Bill Roads, Vice President
P.O. Box 101
Haverhill, IA 50120-0101
roads.william at gmail.com

Clyde Ketelsen,  Sec'y - Treas.
10909 Ideal Ave. North
Grant, MN 55115-1399 
jrjays at msn.com

Meeting information (locations, dates, etc.) are posted as "events" on the club's Facebook page.

Here's a serious view of wrenchdom,

Attendees at one of the "wrenching news" auctions held in conjunction
with a MVWC Spring Meeting at York, Nebraska.

and a mug shot.