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Mr. Fortin's Enrichment

Rules about Chromebooks

How to Write an Email:

Click here to learn how to use Google email

Afterwards complete the following:
1. send Mr. Fortin a test email afortin@fnwsu.org this email should be properly formatted, and I want you to tell me about how your summer went. Use complete sentences, and really tell me a story, I want to know more about you all!
2. Create a folder for each class
3. Personalize your emails that you send
4. Look at other things you can do on the settings tab

Google Docs activity:


1. Create a google doc and title it Enrichment

2. Share it with Mr. Fortin

3. Click on add on's and add the following (you have to do them each individually)

    a. Charts,     b. Maps    c. Easy Bib

4. Use easy charts to make a charts and graph using the following data:

You have to open a spreadsheet first and enter the the data from one of the 2 charts into the spread sheet Be Sure to include the titles!!! Then import the spread sheet into Charts in your word doc.

This is a link to useable data.


5. Find at least 3 other add ons for documents and install and try - be prepared to share at least 1 or 2 of the best ones with the class
6. Click on Insert Drawing and practice using the drawing program. Draw simple shapes and insert them, Draw a design of a Hot air balloon and insert it, 
7. Do one other drawing of your choice and insert it. 

Interest Presentation:

Create a Google presentation on how to play a sport or how to do a hobby that interests you or some other appropriate topic that interests you. It must include the following - 

1. at least 6 slides, 

2. 3-4 pictures of the topic, 

3. at least 1 youtube video of the topic. 

4. A description of your topic explaining how it works (could be with the pictures) etc. 5. In the presentation include the following: a. title slide, b. animations on all your slides, c. transitions from one slide to next, 

d. different backgrounds on each slide, 

e. a word art (under insert) can also go to cooltext.com and make word art

f. any other interesting things you can find in presentation. - these will be shown to the class next week so make them good and share them with me when you are finished.

Share what you have found for apps and then we will look at cell phone apps that might be useful.

Cell Phone activities:

If you don't have a cell phone, you can set up both of these on a computer right now and maybe use it when you get a cell phone

1. Download google drive and google docs on your phone

2. EvernoteNext in line of cool apps for the classroom is Evernote. This handy app lets you type a text note, or clip a web page. If your phone has a camera you can snap a photo, and now you can also grab a screenshot. Like dropbox it doesn’t matter what device you are on, they all sync together.

3. Dropbox: DropboxOne of my most most used apps is dropbox. Dropbox allows all my computers and my phone to interact together. So the photo I take on my cell phone can be put in my Dropbox app and now it is available on all my devices, love it!

4. Download WeVideo on your cell phone and create a short video and share it with me - add wevideo to your google apps (might have to do this on the computer by clicking create and then connect more apps and search for wevideo. ( believe you have to upload the video to wevideo and then work on it on the computer. 

Google Presentation activity:

Google presentation tutorial video Link Click here:

Watch the video tutorial on creating a Google presentation.


Research Phase: