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TeacherAssignmentDate DueOther info/links
TeacherAssignmentDate DueOther info/links
Szabo FINAL PRESENTATION TUESDAY...Make sure you visual is done and that you have practiced your 2 minute speech multiple times  November 24, 2015  
Szabo Practice your 2 minute Oral Presentation speech about your Colonial America topic-PRACTICE PRESENTATIONS FRIDAY November 20, 2015  
Szabo Make sure your 1-2 page paper is done (double-spaced, 12 font); Finish up your Oral Presentation using information from your paper. PRACTICE YOUR 2 MINUTE ORAL PRESENTATION (DUE FRIDAY) November 19, 2015  
Fortin Water Cycle Comic Strip: Students will construct a comic strip that includes all the steps of the water cycle. Students will be expected to complete this for Wednesday to participate in a larger group activity. They will have all class on Tuesday to work on this, the rest is expected to be completed for homework. The rubric is included. November 18, 2015 Rubric 
Szabo 1-2 page paper about your Colonial America project due at end of class Tuesday; double spaced, 12 font (See link to Outline from 11/16) November 17, 2015  
Szabo Organize your notes/figure out 3-4 subtopics/work on your paper using the outline provided November 16, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y8EjwKTf1fPvIjzq_zAQzTfd3ctJ9LvLSgyn5QYrN3I/edit?usp=sharing 
Hillyard Finish Summary November 13, 2015  
Szabo Respond to your goal that you set for yourself....middle column,"evidence gathered" 11/11 only. Also continue to take notes for your project topic November 12, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aW0usv0HeFq_aRvciAEJJ74iGfesRVHknnjqUNwgTp0/edit?usp=sharing 
Fortin Density and Heat Transfer Assessment on Thursday! November 12, 2015  
Szabo Set and explain how you plan to acheive your goal (focus, notetaking or time management) for the library- use handout provided....left column only November 11, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nJyXBeN4EqcwS545oxqAnMQ2VKHFcXop8Y31J4xLrTk/edit?usp=sharing 
Fortin Heat Transfer House Poster. Students will make a poster that has examples of each of the three heat transfer types. This is not homework, but students will have tomorrow to do this, and if they do not have them completed then it will be something they finish at home.https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/1M8sv9QrdEndQK-kbbqZsoAoJ5ff160T5S9uqBsV7oAI/edit?usp=sharing November 11, 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/1M8sv9QrdEndQK-kbbqZsoAoJ5ff160T5S9uqBsV7oAI/edit?usp=sharing 
Szabo Begin/continue to take notes on your Colonial American project topic (1-2 of best websites max) November 11, 2015  
Szabo Find 1-2 articles (best ones,short) off internet about your topic you chose for Colonial America. Print off and bring to class for Monday. You will take notes on it on Monday in class November 9, 2015  
Fortin Conduction Lab. This was done in class. We used different types of metals to determine how long it would take for heat energy to travel down the bars and heat small chips of leaf November 9, 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/1PeVps0ddwQZB751ZVjbNJnUsFhxej9oebr1yggzYlrM/edit?usp=sharing 
Fortin Methods of Heat Transfer Pictures. This was an assignment that was done in class, and everyone should have had most of it completed. November 9, 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/1A5KO1p6QmXjXbRNJsTx3aavTMRUs2ay36NCQk1rqAoE/edit?usp=sharing 
Szabo Complete notes on Southern Colonies; study chart and map (use interactive map link). QUIZ FRIDAY ON 13 COLONIES MAP AND CHART November 5, 2015 http://www.softschools.com/social_studies/13_colonies_map/ 
Hillyard CR ELO Thursday November 5, 2015  
Medor Finish Review Study! ELO tomorrow on +, -, *, and / numbers in scientific notation November 5, 2015  
Medor Mixed Review on +,-,*,/ numbers in Scientific Notation November 4, 2015  
Szabo Study map,,,see link November 3, 2015 http://www.softschools.com/social_studies/13_colonies_map/ 
Szabo Write up your theory (either A, B or C) of what you think was the cause of the Salem Witch Trials; use CR outline November 3, 2015  
Medor Finish Scientific WS and Word Search November 3, 2015  
Szabo Read your Theory on the Salem Witch Trials and put supporting details on chart; study 13 Colonies map November 2, 2015  
Hillyard Book Projects for Q2 Given Out Today November 2, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xmskuxCNai5QwjGCDYKmniTPMyawgHGvoinLmuVherE/edit?usp=sharing 
Hillyard All Book Projects due 10/29 October 29, 2015  
Szabo Finish Questions #1-5 on the Puritans. Work on New England Picture Tiles (not required) October 29, 2015  
Hillyard Finish CR Edit (if not done in class) October 29, 2015  
Hillyard Finish CR Edit (If not done in class) October 29, 2015  
Szabo Finish notetaking and put notes onto Oral Presentation outline. Practice/time this (about 1 minute). Oral Presentation PreAssessment Friday October 22, 2015  
Szabo Take notes on your Colonial American artifact; use the article and notetaking sheet you took in class  October 21, 2015  
Hillyard Review Sheet: Figurative Language October 21, 2015  
Medor Finish Scientific Homework # 2  October 20, 2015  
Szabo Complete Review sheet (mostly on content) for quiz tomorrow; study flow chart we drew on Thursday to help review Pilgrims October 16, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KvgJSStJcGGVU02HKZYo12Ke1FwKIAtma65zs8oX2jw/edit?usp=sharing 
Szabo Complete 5 Cause/Effect Flo Charts (see handout); prep for quiz....study notes/sketch flow chart on Pilgrims October 15, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mWwai8NVCVQ0FTrRx2hQO6V-6ZcMEUkUmQR8HWbCgFQ/edit?usp=sharing 
Medor Scientific Notation Homework #1 October 15, 2015  
Fortin Ice Cube Phase Change Lab. Should have been done in class. October 15, 2015 https://drive.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/file/d/0Bx07XOJvc8PdMXVXbE5xX2QxNkU/view?usp=sharing 
Szabo Quiz Friday; begin to study information on the Pilgrims October 14, 2015  
Szabo Complete 18 sketches about the Pilgrims (see 2 sheets) October 13, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QNZd-j6SkWNmfqAEIf-vl6elpHdDHoKgn0vZD8xahjs/edit?usp=sharing 
Medor Finish review and study!! ELO Tomorrow!!! October 13, 2015  
Szabo Answer 3 questions about Schooling in the 1800's, along with writing a 1/2 to 1 page diary/journal from the perspective of a teacher or student attending school during that time period. THIS IS SHARED WITH YOU ON YOUR "REFLECTION" DOCUMENT  October 12, 2015  
Fortin Rocket Lab Materials. I need your rubric sheet, sketches (2) of your parachute, your rocket sketches (2), and your sheet with your height calculations. Every person should have drawn, measured, and labelled your rocket. If you need extra sheets, I have hard copies in my classroom. October 12, 2015  
Fortin Rocket Lab ELO. Students are tasked with writing a three paragraph essay on how each law of motion (inertia, mass/acceleration, and equal and opposite forces) are present in the rocket launch that we conducted this past week. October 12, 2015  
Szabo Read pgs 98-100 on the Pilgrims and answer Q 1-5; see article and handout October 12, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/13I4JtZvL7vvq9r85ME6DsRZzixMFhuWU2Lnau0O7JAM/edit?usp=sharing 
Medor Finish Investigation 4.3 Cooling Water (don't do B. 3 & 4) October 12, 2015  
Hillyard Should Finish 2nd Book This Weekend October 9, 2015  
Hillyard All--bring in Internet Permission Letter October 7, 2015  
Hillyard All--Bring in Shelburne Permission Slip October 6, 2015  
Szabo Generate 5+ questions from Pilgrims article; use headings, pictures and/or vocabulary terms October 6, 2015  
Medor Finish Investigation 4.1 October 2, 2015  
Hillyard Figurative Language Quiz on Friday September 25, 2015  
Szabo Study Jamestown Q. 1-4 and the tiles (pictures) illustrating the important that happened at Jamestown September 25, 2015  
Medor Finish review and study it!! ELO tomorrow on review September 24, 2015  
Szabo Summarize 1-2 things that you learned from "Interactive Jamestown" websites (see handout) September 23, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M26JdcX7OHZhRwRuT7pXkvDWal21HR_PTgPXWDxW5pE/edit?usp=sharing 
Szabo Complete 17 tiles (pictures) on Jamestown templates September 22, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uh5ZAxGGli4uqMhSp_iAX5z6PpUrD4YDjLQF8GrZ7GY/edit?usp=sharing 
Fortin Test Friday on Motion and Speed September 18, 2015  
Medor Finish Classwork on "Exponential or Linear" September 17, 2015  
Fortin Newton's Laws of Motion Project: See Mr. Fortin's homepage for a description. September 17, 2015  
Szabo Summarize what really happened at Roanoke Island...see handout and include your opinion in the summary September 16, 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/16UUJ6ir2yj4FnRArg9jjBVe82_HgrvJ8JYI93M5kUoQ/edit?usp=sharing 
Szabo Complete Review Sheet for Quiz. Also use Quizlet.com September 15, 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/1HcxgOlbVgLJQDWikeSTDo3nyB7KvXCPRkFgp_8qw9nA/edit?usp=sharing 
Szabo Review for Quiz...Do 2nd Review Sheet, study Venn Diagram and Vocabulary Terms (Quizlet too?) September 15, 2015  
Fortin Motion Lab: students should have had enough time to finish this lab. Most had collected their data, but some did not finish the conclusion questions. Skip #3.  September 14, 2015 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx07XOJvc8PdMWtzeFJZdUVZNms 
Szabo Quiz early next week...continue to study 5 vocabulary terms and charts on French and Englisj September 11, 2015  
Medor Quiz tomorrow on Problem Solving Mini-Unit. Finish your review (7 problems) and use this to study from tonight. September 11, 2015  
Hillyard Finish CR (most students finished in class) September 10, 2015  
Szabo Study 3 vocabulary words (definitions in particular); study 3 charts on New France, East Woodlands, English Colonies) September 9, 2015  
Medor Finish Deductive Thinking Homework September 9, 2015  
Fortin Rocket Lab September 8, 2015 https://drive.google.com/open?id=12_V_kGvjEziNK_E-y0mEJy8snV16q8q7zmjk3oOqkZI 
Szabo Generate pictures that illustrate "culture", "economy" (things that are financially important to you/ jobs you have) and "government" (people that make rules for you and the rules you must follow). Complete this visually on the paper provided in class. Also study charts on Eastern Woodlands, New France, English Colonies September 8, 2015  
Hillyard Identify one book you're reading toward your goal September 4, 2015 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tqtbq2sNOaSVg-2ZGE-aMjgH8HIsDBOzidQGd6HLNgI/edit?usp=sharing 
Medor Problem solving homework (4 problems) September 3, 2015  
Fortin Measurement Lab September 1, 2015 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx07XOJvc8PdVlFOY0U4QlFBbjQ/view?usp=sharing 
Fortin Line Graph of Water Data September 1, 2015  
Szabo Study Vocabulary Chart (3 Terms) September 1, 2015  
Hillyard Finish You Can Grow Your Intelligence Worksheet September 1, 2015 Link 
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