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TeacherAssignmentDate DueOther info/links
TeacherAssignmentDate DueOther info/links
Medor Finish LFP 2.3: Using Squares to Find Lenghts February 17, 2017  
Fortin Finish Description/Drawing of Rube GoldbergMachines January 31, 2017 Rube Goldberg Rubric 
Szabo Complete 5 W's of the French and Indian War chart January 10, 2017  
Szabo Complete the Slavery Reflection Questions #1-6 December 21, 2016  
Szabo Write or sketch out the pros and cons of the triangle trade from the American point of view (use notes/see assignment handout)) December 19, 2016  
Medor Finish Slope of two points ws for homework December 6, 2016  
Fortin Breeding Dogs with Artificial Selection: Write a paragraph describing the process of artificial selection in your own words, using dogs or another organism as your example. Be sure to use and underline the VIST terms (variation, inheritance, selection, time) in explanation. December 5, 2016 https://app.schoology.com/assignment/897709216/info 
Szabo Final Assessment on Oral Presentation on your Colonial American topic, plus your visual due December 2, 2016  
Szabo MidAssessment Oral Presentation on your Colonial American topic (just practice) November 30, 2016  
Szabo 2 minute Oral Presentation due by end of day Tuesday (use your paper and follow the outline provided)  November 29, 2016  
Szabo Colonial American Research Paper due by end of day Monday...see outline from Ms Hillyard November 28, 2016  
Szabo Read article on Middle Colonies and gather information on worksheet from class November 10, 2016  
Szabo Prepare for 1 minute oral presentation on your artifact. Practice timing it tonight November 8, 2016  
Szabo Take notes(bullet form/own words) on your artifact from the 1 page article you took on Friday November 7, 2016  
Szabo Using the School Simulation that we did in class and the School in 1800's reading packet, answer Q 1-3 and write a first person journal as a student or teacher from that time period. See handout from class November 4, 2016  
Szabo Choose the ONE theory on why the Salem Witch Trials happened. Use readings and CR template (hard copies from class or on Schoology); it can be typed or written November 3, 2016  
Medor Finish Review and Study for Volume ELO November 2, 2016  
Szabo Read pgs 104-105 and answer Q 2-5 on New England Colonies October 28, 2016  
Szabo Final ELO Cause and Effect and content quiz on Thursday; study Jamestown and Pilgrims notes October 20, 2016  
Medor Finish Volume worksheet on Cylinders and Cones October 20, 2016  
Medor Finish Mixed area practice October 12, 2016  
Szabo Read Current Event on Jamestown (your choice from class) and summarize/add opinion (see handout from class); Make sure your Discussion Post on Schoology is done October 11, 2016  
Szabo Study Jamestown notes (Q 1-4) and tiles October 5, 2016  
Medor Finishing graphing your figures October 4, 2016  
Szabo Sketch in images for each of the Jamestown tiles (18 total); see handouts October 4, 2016  
Szabo Using outline, summarize the Roanoke Island mystery. In your conclusion, add in YOUR OPINION on what you think happened to the settlers September 27, 2016  
Fortin Fossil Football Timeline September 27, 2016  
Szabo Finish Your Group Theory Argument on Roanoke (see handout) September 26, 2016 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/14RJ6WKBj_KA7CJaxXHeGtIaV6RhS3E3sIVmo0Ic-5Rw/edit?usp=sharing 
Hillyard First Reading Project September 23, 2016  
Medor Finish Tessellation September 23, 2016  
Medor Finish Tracing Tessellation September 20, 2016  
Hillyard Bring a book to class for checkin September 13, 2016  
Fortin Fossil Story Conclusion Questions (On Schoology) September 12, 2016  
Showing 33 items