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TeacherAssignmentDate DueOther info/links
TeacherAssignmentDate DueOther info/links
Ballard Study guide for final machine ELO (also a review game and notes on the science page) June 8, 2015 Study Guide 
Szabo Prep for the debate and begin to write your 4 paragraph essay on your debate topic (see outline); also study the 3 branches of government, the plans and compromises along with the Bill of Rights  June 4, 2015  
Ballard Rube Goldberg Video Research and W.S. June 2, 2015 Video research and ws 
Szabo Complete chart (on backside) on Great Compromise and Slave Issue (N vs S and 3/5th Compromise) May 20, 2015  
Ballard Test on Light and Sound May 19, 2015 Science 
Szabo Prep for Quiz on Government ; study webs/charts we organized in class and complete Review Sheet (+2 pts.) May 13, 2015  
Szabo Period 3 and 4: Read article on Articles of Confederation; (highlight?) and answer Q 1-5 May 6, 2015  
Szabo Period 1 and 2: Read article on Articles of Confederation; (highlight?) and answer Q 1-5 May 5, 2015  
Szabo Create a Government on your own (see handout for guidance). April 30, 2015  
Szabo Study your notes on Greeks/Romans etc.. (shared online), Magna Carta/English Bill of Rights Chart , and Types of Government Notes (Monarchy/Dictatorship/Democracies) April 29, 2015  
Szabo Read article on 3 Historical Documents and complete chart April 17, 2015  
Szabo Read the Declaration of Independence; take margin notes (similar to the notes that we did with Point of View) and answer Q 1-4  April 10, 2015  
Ballard Rough Draft of element report April 9, 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/1lur7bWp7UlUaRQm6SmRGEq69vH-2O0_RCowI8XfoXPw/edit?usp=sharing 
Szabo Read pgs 180-182 and answer Q 7-10 (in packet) April 1, 2015  
Ballard Bonus: Bring in some materials from home to test the pH of (cleaners etc) March 31, 2015  
Szabo Projects to the gym by 8 am...History Night 6-8 pm March 19, 2015  
Ballard Test Equatioins March 17, 2015 Click here for some review activities 
Szabo Draft #2 is due today with suggested changes, 5+ citations and specific impact paragraphs! March 11, 2015  
Ballard W.S. Writing Equations March 10, 2015 download here 
Szabo Cover Page and Work Cited (use Easybib) due....Start making changes to 1st draft paper/essay March 6, 2015  
Ballard W.S. Identify equations (1-14) March 6, 2015 Download here 
Szabo Students should be outlining and typing their rough draft (see outline). WHEN 1ST DRAFT IS DONE, SHARE WITH MR. SZABO OR MS. HILLYARD February 20, 2015  
Ballard Test on naming compounds and writing formulas February 19, 2015 Click here for a review 
Ballard Wordsearch/naming compounds February 18, 2015 Click here to print a copy 
Szabo HISTORY NIGHT HAS BEGUN!!! STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE FOLDER WITH ALL OF THE INFORMATION/CALENDAR.... Students should be researching/taking notes nightly. 2 electronic/2 non-electronic sources  February 18, 2015  
Ballard 1-25 of naming Compounds w.s. (25-50 = bonus) February 13, 2015 Click here to print page 
Szabo Read and answer Q 1-5 on the Boston Tea Party. PREP FOR QUIZ February 11, 2015  
Szabo Finish Boston Massacre summary; prep for quiz by reviewing Acts chart, colonists reaction web and Boston Massacre notes. QUIZ THURSDAY February 10, 2015  
Ballard Test on all 36 elements February 10, 2015 Click here for a list of elements and some review games and flash cards to help study 
Ballard Element Worksheet February 10, 2015 Click here to print homework 
Szabo Take 2 column notes on the Boston Massacre (see article) February 6, 2015  
Ballard Words from Chemical Symbols February 4, 2015 Click here to print a copy of the worksheet 
Ballard Test Monday - Elements, Compounds and mixtures February 2, 2015 Click here for some flash cards and review games 
Hillyard Ch 2 Questions January 30, 2015  
Szabo Read article "Connecting F and I war to American Revolution" and answer questions on back  January 27, 2015  
Ballard Chemical change w.s. January 23, 2015 Chemical change w.s. 
Hillyard Finish '60s websheet and Outsiders character chart. January 22, 2015 '60s 
Ballard Toy Fair Prep January 15, 2015 Use this to prepare for your toy fair on Thursday and Friday 
Medor Finish creating your resource sheet put anything on it(formulas, definitions, examples of problems) to help you for your exam. Remember you can use this for your exam and you will get 5 bonus points for creating one!!! Look over reviews 1 & 2 and work on review 3. January 15, 2015  
Szabo Complete Review Packet (3 page unit summaries) for 2 bonus points and prepare your "targeted skill" (oral presentation notes and outline or similarities/difference essay outline) January 14, 2015  
Medor Exam Review # 2: Start creating your resource sheet put anything on it(formulas, definitions, examples of problems) to help you for your exam. Remember you can use this for your exam and you will get 5 bonus points for creating one!!! January 14, 2015  
Szabo Complete Midterm Vocabulary Review Sheet for 2pts; quizzes/vocabulary charts  January 13, 2015  
Ballard Finish toy commercial and presentation and bring in tri fold display January 12, 2015 Click here for requirements of project 
Szabo QUIZ FRIDAY ON FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR! Study review sheets and charts January 9, 2015  
Medor LFP 3.1 Practice  January 7, 2015  
Szabo Quiz on French and Indian War Friday: Study Play and Images you drew, Q 1-4 (overview of war) and 2 column notes January 7, 2015  
Szabo Create 5 pictures illustrating the important events of the F and I War (see handout) January 6, 2015 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/1qE0XSMyunXAE9grzf0Pfvkni6ygIZSz7jsMa2ILAiEs/edit 
Medor Finish Review and Study!!! Test tomorrow on square roots, rational, and irrational numbers December 17, 2014  
Szabo Read paragraphs 7-12 on the French and Indian War and take 2 column notes from it December 17, 2014  
Szabo Complete Venn Diagram on French vs English December 16, 2014  
Ballard Bring in Materials for you toy project December 16, 2014 Click here for the project page 
Medor Rational numbers worksheet (1-17) December 15, 2014  
Medor Rational numbers worksheet (1-13) December 12, 2014  
Ballard Quiz on electricity December 10, 2014 Click here for a couple of review activities 
Szabo Quiz (now WEDNESDAY); prepare by studying 2 triangle trade routes and vocabulary terms December 10, 2014  
Ballard Electricity Notes worksheet December 9, 2014 download worksheet here 
Szabo Answer Q 1-8 on the triangle trade (use 2 maps) December 4, 2014  
Ballard Finish Battery Lab December 3, 2014  
Hillyard Chapter 17 Plot Diagram November 18, 2014  
Szabo Prepare for "practice" oral presentation (eye contact, voice, pace, body language etc..); have a poster as well November 18, 2014  
Hillyard Chapter 15-16 Questions November 17, 2014  
Ballard Test on heat November 14, 2014 Click here to find a review to help you study 
Ballard Heat transfer worksheet (be sure to draw the picture on the back) November 14, 2014 Click here for the worksheet 
Szabo Take notes on one of your sources you found- use " I Search" sheet; continue to do web searches if necessary November 13, 2014 "I Searches" 
Hillyard Unwind Reading Quiz Thursday November 13, 2014  
Szabo Begin to research your Colonial American topic online; find 1-2 of the best articles and print off November 12, 2014 colonial american project overview/choices 
Hillyard Ch 9-12 Close Reading Questions November 12, 2014  
Hillyard CR: Which character's point of view do you most relate to (Connor, Risa, Lev)? November 7, 2014  
Hillyard Practice summarizing: pick a favorite book or movie to summarize.  November 6, 2014  
Ballard Finish Heat transfer Worksheet November 5, 2014 Download the worksheet here 
Szabo Complete 1 of the activities (from the 3 choices) on the Middle Colonies Connection  November 5, 2014 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/1I5YkiWfpYnOlZmoh8ORtKSx9AFn8BkXqO-XcU4p7wf4/edit 
Hillyard Chapter 3 Questions: Unwind November 5, 2014  
Szabo Read article on Middle Colonies and fill in outline for information November 4, 2014  
Szabo Go onto your fnwsu.org account and find your Oral Presentation I sent to you; record your scores on the graph given to you in class October 30, 2014  
Szabo Oral Presentation on your Colonial American Tool (1 minute presentation) plus Poster October 28, 2014  
Hillyard Final Assessment Graphic Organizer  October 22, 2014  
Ballard States of Matter W.S. October 22, 2014 down load worksheet here 
Medor Complete finding the equation of each graph worksheet October 21, 2014  
Hillyard CR Review Packet October 21, 2014  
Ballard Final Rocket Presentation - Each student should do a portion of the project October 15, 2014 Click here to see requirements 
Hillyard Work on Rocketry Response  October 15, 2014  
Medor Finish Integers and Order of Operations packet October 15, 2014  
Szabo Finish the 18 pictures/images on the Pilgrims October 10, 2014 pilgrim tiles 
Szabo Read Pilgrims packet, highlight important info and write (bullet form) answers on homework sheet October 8, 2014  
Medor Finish Homework on Slope and y-intercept October 8, 2014  
Hillyard Pros and Cons Worksheet October 6, 2014  
Szabo Sketch in pictures on templates (18); also complete Starving Time Journal (1/2-1 separate page) October 3, 2014 copy of assignment here 
Hillyard Finish Rainsford POV Worksheet October 3, 2014  
Ballard Design an egg drop container October 1, 2014  
Medor Finish Questions A: 1-5 October 1, 2014  
Szabo Read and highlight the article on Jamestown; then fill in the information on the handout October 1, 2014  
Medor TMM Ace Problems 1 & 2 September 30, 2014 https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/10BDfWvg69t3UuvBXMUUMpPB862Em_mT0JBC7j_WXero/edit 
Szabo Generate 5+ questions from the Jamestown article's headings and /or vocabulary terms (pg 96-97) September 30, 2014  
Szabo Please complete the writing from the School Simulation packet that we did on Tuesday; (work should be done on a separate piece of paper) September 26, 2014  
Szabo Constructive Response: What is your theory of what happened to the settlers at Roanoke Island?! (need 3+ pieces of evidence) September 24, 2014  
Ballard Test on Motion - Click on science tab for review games and the link for the vocab September 24, 2014 Notes to study on motion 
Ballard Skills W.S.graphing - finish line graphs September 18, 2014  
Szabo Prep for quiz on French and English complete review sheet and study Vocabulary chart September 17, 2014  
Medor Finish Problem solving worksheet September 17, 2014  
Hillyard Complete Reading Check-In Sheet September 17, 2014 Click here for a copy of the sheet. 
Ballard Speed Worksheet September 17, 2014 speed worksheet 
Hillyard Finish #6-9 on topic sentence worksheet September 16, 2014 Get packet here. 
Medor Finish Problem Solving Worksheet (7) September 16, 2014  
Szabo Fill out the worksheet on similarities/differences of French and English; study vocabulary chart September 16, 2014  
Szabo Review your Vocabulary Chart September 15, 2014  
Medor Finish solving any 7 problems from the Problem solving Strategies worksheet. Study for Quiz tomorrow. September 11, 2014  
Ballard Test on scientific method September 11, 2014 Click here to review for the test and look at the notes 
Hillyard Find two pieces of foreshadowing and make one prediction about The Most Dangerous Game. September 10, 2014  
Szabo Complete the Venn Diagram on Spanish vs Native Americans (use notes and venn diagram handout) September 10, 2014  
Szabo Read article on the Spanish; fill out "rough draft" chart September 9, 2014  
Medor Problem Solving Worksheet (3 problems) September 9, 2014  
Ballard Finish Paper Rocket lab - look on Science tab for pictures of class data September 9, 2014 Download lab here 
Hillyard Song POV September 4, 2014  
Ballard scientific method W.S. September 3, 2014  
Szabo  Take notes on at least one source that you have found; Do this on "I Searches". Continue to do web searches if necessary  I Searches 
Hillyard Finish CR Mid-Assessment  https://docs.google.com/a/fnwsu.org/document/d/1_Bv5-m2cu1PI7EyavH8kvrSTfVmYciawfU_Q9aot1ig/edit?usp=sharing 
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