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      Pictures from Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



       On Columbus Day, the Voyagers and Dream Teams were lucky enough to have Ken Levesque come to us to talk about how flight works, utilizing his
      hot-air balloon as a "vehicle" for the discussion    

Also in early October, the Voyagers and Dream Teams went to the Shelburne Museum to learn about life in Colonial America.   Students were able to make candles, participate in a traditional spelling bee and make/ eat ice cream, among other museum-led activities.  It was a beautiful day and the students' feedback was very positive!!  In addition to these pictures, there are others on the Social Studies page


                                  This is the J Pod Character Pillar.  Students and staff recognize an individual in the building who displays one of the five characteristics - honesty, perseverance, kindness, respect and self-control.   That individual's name is placed on a star for all to see!


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