January Court Report

Upcoming Events:

Jan 11-Feb 14--Registration period for USTA Adult teams

Jan 14-- Postmark deadline for resident's discount membership

Feb 8-14--SAP Open 

In This Issue:

President's Letter 1 - Kathy Wheeler
President's Letter 2 - Tony Serksnis
President's Letter 3 - Paul Chen

Men's 8.5 Combo Team

Tentative 2010 Tournament Calendar

Editor's Message

Tentative 2010 Tournament Calendar:

Mar 13-14  Club Team Tennis
Apr 17-18   Mixed Doubles
May 15-16  Mens/Womens Singles
Jun  12-13  Mens/Womens Doubles
Aug 21-22  Quad Club Team Tennis

Editors Message
Diane Silverman and Bob Dickerson

We would like to take this opportunity to ask for help from you, the members. We'd like the Court Report to include tennis-related items that are of interest to you. Things like local tennis dates, links to YouTube videos, photos, member profiles, jokes, top ten lists, etc. Please send your ideas, links, and suggestions to us at mvtcnews@gmail.com.

Thanks, Diane and Bob.

President's Letter 1
“Just In”   Kathy Wheeler, Outgoing MVTC President

The theme of this last column will NOT be a plea for volunteerism (I can hear you all breathe a sigh of relief).  I am excited to report that my pleas at the October General Meeting were actually heard and we have a great group of members that have come forward to volunteer for the 2010 board.  What is really exciting, in the spirit of the Silicon Valley, we’ve used some innovation to assemble the new board.  In fact, we’ve actually used a tennis fundamental to fill the vacancies.

That fundamental is partnering.  Except for the purists that think that tennis is only about singles, most of us in the club play doubles and have experience with partnering.  In fact, we often play doubles because we enjoy the challenge of teaming up and working together to compete.  Successful doubles partners cover their area but communicate so that if one can’t handle the ball, the other can.  Paul Chen and Tony Serksnis have been successfully co-captaining a 4.0 team for MVTC.  At the General Meeting they started talking and wondered if the success they’ve achieved as co-captains and doubles partners could be used to effectively manage the club.  After some discussion and enthusiastic support from me, they’re willing to team up and be co-presidents this year.  But, they’re not alone.  Bing Seid and Kirby Drumm have been partnered for USTA duties for two years and will continue in that role for another.   Bob Dickerson is partnering with Rebecca Wheeler to handle the secretary duties.  He’s also partnering with Diane Silverman to get the Court Report out each month.  (Anybody notice that Bob double dates?)  I’ll be partnering with a group of members to organize and run the tournaments.  Much of the feedback I got from members about serving the board was concern about having enough time to do a good job.  Partnering is one way to more efficiently volunteer.

 The new 2010 board is:

  Presidents:  Paul Chen / Tony Serksnis
  Vice President: Jimmy Areias
  Secretary: Rebecca Wheeler (with help from Bob Dickerson)
  Treasurer: Teresa Low
  Membership: Roger Okamoto
  USTA: Bing Seid / Kirby Drumm
  Webmaster: Nuwan Jayasena
  Publicity: Debbie Ryan
  Court Report: Diane Silverman (with help from Bob Dickerson)
  Tournaments: Kathy Wheeler and others
  Emeritas: Carol Tolen

 I have nothing but praise for the 2009 board that I had the pleasure to work with for the last year.  My request, to every member of the club, is when you see these individuals, thank them for the contribution they have made.  Please.

 Vice President: Heidi Sloss – Awesome job organizing the General Meetings and getting two exceptional speakers.

Secretary: Debbie Ryan – A role she’s done for the last three years.  In addition she’s arranged rooms at the Senior Center for our use and emailed the minutes for every meeting.

Treasurer: Jeffery Ballou – Jeff was in this role for two years and did a great job with the budget and keeping track of our expenses.

USTA: Bing / Kirby – Seamless execution!  This job is harder then it looks.

Membership: Roger Okamoto – Roger makes this one look easy!  He is the sql wizard…sieving member data from all of your membership forms.

Tournaments: Heather Brown – Another two year participant.  The last two years have shown a steady increase in participation at the tournaments.  Well run, Heather!

Webmaster: Lori Cruz-Spray – Lori has been webmaster forever and her efficiency and dedication will be hard to match.

Court Report: Regina Regan – Creative and dedicated… the perfect combination to deliver a professional publication.  Regina did this job for three years and her skills will really be missed.

Publicity: Rajiv Khilnani – We finally got some flyers to post and advertise the tournaments.  Thanks, Rajiv

Tournament Food Chair: Mike Rodgers – Does not begin to include all he’s done in the last year.  Besides awesome BBQ, Mike also figured out our insurance and got the paperwork together to make us an official non-profit organization.  My personal hero.

Jr Team Tennis: Lisa McMillan – stewardship of this very important program for many years.

Emeritas: Carol Tolen – at every board meeting and invaluable…she’s the living history of the club.

I love playing doubles tennis.  I like playing with people who have an equivalent passion for the game, who like the challenge of figuring out how to win and, above all, play with grace and ease.  Running a community tennis club is totally analogous to my ideal game of doubles.  I’ve had the fortunate privilege during the last two years on the MVTC board to work with a group of people who know how to play doubles.  Everyone… it’s been an honor to have gotten the opportunity to be your President.

 Thank you and Happy New Year!  Kathy.

President's Letter 2
“Hello”   Tony Serksnis, Incoming MVTC Co-President

Hello to all MVTC Members.

Paul Chen and I have decided to collaborate on being President of the Club for the 2010 year.  After attending the first meeting of the Board in December, I’m convinced that this was a good decision.  Besides letting me “give back” to a wonderful group of people, I’ve witnessed that a lot of very giving volunteers have stepped forward to contribute.  Also, it’s clear that there is a tremendously hard working group of people that have, over the years, set a solid foundation for MVTC.  The outgoing President, Kathy Wheeler, has worked tirelessly to maintain the Club as a strong local tennis presence, and we’ll continue to need her help and intelligence.  I personally thank all those who have made the Club something we all can be proud of.

Several items are important to me to continue for MVTC:

  • Getting new people involved in the wonderful sport of tennis
  • Providing the Mountain View community with a Tennis Club that the people and city can be proud of
  • Supporting our Club USTA teams as they strive towards good sportsmanship, fun, and maybe even a chance to make League playoffs

The Board will take-on several challenges right at the beginning of the year:

  • update our financial and accounting methods and become a non-profit organization
  • plan the clubs tournaments, meetings, and other activities for 2010
  • begin an active relationship with Mountain View Tennis, the company that runs Cuesta Park Tennis

I’d like to thank and recognize the USTA teams and their captains who just finished the ’09 Combo Season, are presently playing in the Senior Season, and are about to start the 2010 Mixed Season:

 Combo Teams:
                CM7.5A, Qiao Chen, Playoff Team
                CM8.5A, Paul Chen - see below for more details
                CW6.5A, Carrie Fischer
                CW7.5A, Diane Silverman

Senior Teams:
                SM4.0A, Mike Rodgers
                SW3.0A, Patsy Duke

 Mixed Teams:
              MX6.0A, Patsy Duke
              MX7.0A, John Farcich
              MX8.0A, Kathy Wheeler
              MX8.0B, Dan Mah

 Congratulations to the Combo teams who have completed the season, and good luck to all these teams taking the court in early 2010.  The captains, co-captains and all of the team-mates are great representatives of MVTC!

 I’d like to end with best wishes to all of you for your 2010 tennis season.

The MVTC Board will be easily accessible to everyone’s good ideas.  Thanks again to all those of take part.

 Tony Serksnis

President's Letter 3
“Hello”   Paul Chen, Incoming MVTC Co-President

My name is Paul Chen.  I have been an active member at MVTC since I moved here in 2003, and I am very honored to be your Co-President with Tony Serksnis this upcoming year.  I started playing tennis in high school, then like most people stopped playing as I got busy with “life”.  After moving to Mountain View in 2003, I was introduced to MVTC by a friend from college.  I played my first tournament in MVTC and rediscovered my passion for tennis, and realized how lucky I am to be living in a city with such a strong tennis community.  I could not believe meeting so many great people who shared my passion, and the fun that one can have on the court whether you are playing competitively or socially.  Having both breakfast and lunch provided during the tournament just cinched the deal that this is THE CLUB to be in. 


My philosophy this year in helping Tony co-lead the club is very similar to his  - which is to bring tennis to a even greater awareness in the community, and to make this sport fun and attractive to people of ALL levels.  I also want to promote “healthy balance” in people’s life, as I also serve as one of the Physician Wellness Champions at my work at Kaiser Permente Hospital.  I feel in this country people are often depressed and overweight because they are too bogged down with work and do not exercise enough.  Frequently they can not find an exercise routine or sport that will motivate them to get moving.  One of my goals is to help others see how much fun tennis can be.  I often tell my friends that I see tennis as a “natural Prozac”; it gives me an natural high that is truly healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.  Furthermore, it gives me a greater sense of purpose in life and an opportunity to build friendships that can last a lifetime.  Lastly, we should be taking full advantage of the awesome weather here in the Bay Area, especially since we pay a premium for it.  I believe we can make this happen, as we have recruited an awesome group of people to help us reach this goal.

Paul Chen


Men's 8.5 Combo Team

I was very honored to captain an 8.5 combo team with so many talented players, yet so humble and fun-loving.  We started out the season with no expectations as 17 out of 20 players were 4.0 level from our ChickenTagger 4.0 adult league team, which lost by one match in the league championship playoff match.  We wanted to use this team as a platform to see how competitive we could be against 8.5 combo teams stacked with solid 4.5 players.  Even though in most of our matches, 2 out of 3 teams were only 8.0 combo teams, I truly believed we could compete since many of our 4.0 players are playing at a 4.5 level. 


We started the first half of the season at 2-5, but most of the losses were by very slim margins.  Subsequently, we went on to beat the #2, 3, and 4 seeded teams and sneaked into 4th place (the last playoff spot) with one game remaining in the season.  We could not have asked for a better season ending match, as we went up against the #1 seeded team needing to win only one of the three matches to make the playoffs.  All three matches came down to the wire, but unfortunately we came up short on all three matches. 


Even though we missed the playoff by one match, I see this as a very successful season as it really brought out the best in each one of us.  It was filled with excitement, great comraderie, and most importantly we had a lot of fun and improved our games, which is what I envision the team philosophy to be from the beginning of the season.  I could not be more proud of these guys.  This is definitely a season to be remembered and celebrated.

Paul Chen, Captain