February Court Report

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Jan 11-Feb 14--Registration for USTA Adult teams
Feb 8-14--SAP Open
 March 2 - General Meeting 

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Co-President's Letter
Member Profile - Carol Tolen
General Meeting

Co-President's Letter, by Tony Serksnis
Continued thanks to all of the hard work the MVTC Board does.  We've made really great progress.  The entire board has been working hard to set up 2010 for us, much of which will be detailed in this Court Report.  I'd like to emphasize that my philosophy will be to create a strong foundation so that we can start working on more tennis activities for the membership with increased participation.

As I'm writing this, it's Saturday 2/6, and it's raining.  Yet another practice has been delayed or postponed.  Mixed season is a mess with re-scheduling already.  Not a good time for tennis players in NorCal, however, besides making life generally miserable for captains and casual players... let's look at some obvious benefits (taking a slight break here to adjust my rose-colored glasses).  Besides the obvious benefit of rain as a natural resource, and a boon to our skiing buddies, what else can it help:
  • You can pay more attention to family, work, and that gutter that needs fixing.  Investments of time in these areas can help build a reserve of good will that, when the weather does break, will allow more play
  • Lets the body rest a bit.  Maybe hit the gym for some cross-training.  Think of this as an investment in saving those sore knees or perhaps building support muscles to help them.
  • Yes, your game is going down hill, however, your opposition isn't getting any better either. . .we are all in the same (leaky) boat
  • Be ready to play in between showers.  Carry your gear in the car to possibly sneak in quick hit if the weather suddenly breaks.  A call or email to your tennis friends may find quite a few of them willing to give it a try or even help dry a court.  The benefits of being more flexible with your schedule may get you out for a mini-hit
  • Call one of your friends or family back east.  Start whining about how bad it is with all this rain.  Now, call them back and apologize for your insensitivity to their (real!) weather issues.

See you on the sunny side,

Member Profile - Carol Tolen
Carol Tolen, Past President 2001

CR: What are your favorite Club memories? 
CT: When I joined the club in 1970 most members were single and there were lots of parties connected with the monthly tournaments,and the membership was consistently over 600 people. There were three General Meetings each year, one in March, one in June, and the third in October. We also had a November Mixed Doubles tournament called "The Turkey Trot", but later "bad weather" and the problems of re-scheduling this event plus the concept of the Grand Prix brought about its demise. The monthly tournaments were very popular and highly subscribed, often necessitating first rounds be played before the weekend in order to keep the draws comfortable on the weekends.

Some of my favorite memories involve swimming pool parties after the tournaments and the home movies Dick Cramer took. They were great fun. Also, I have fond memories of the Mountain View Open at Cuesta, an event our club once co-sponsored with the city of Mountain View. Our members served on various committees like Food, Tickets, Umpiring, Linespeople, tutoring the ball kids, court set-ups, etc. Those last 2 weekends in May including Memorial Day weekend provided folks with wonderful tennis viewing and socializing. Big crowds would attend this event.

CR: What was your favorite club match? CT: One of the most incredible matches I watched was the one in Mens Doubles, Division 1.  in the mid 70`s. We had 2 women in the club, Pisamai Dionne and Somsi Shum from Thailand, who were unbelievably talented, especially their accuracy and consistency. At that time in the 70`s,  none of the other women in Division 1 could come close to them, so they entered the Men’s Division 1 Doubles as a team. They ended up playing their husbands, Bob Dionne and Tim Shum, in the finals; and we believe they deliberately lost in the 3rd set to keep peace at home.  

CR: What is your proudest club accomplishment? CT: Getting the lights installed at Rengstorff in 1977. Gary Hill was President of the club at that time, and he put together a standing committee called "Liaison". It consisted of me, Bill Sievers, and Gary. Our purpose was to get the City Council’s approval and funding for lights at Rengstorff. All 3 of us polled the neighbors adjacent to the courts on all sides and mounted a big campaign; with trepidation we went to a pivotal City Council meeting and gave our "pitch". We were most delighted when the council approved the project as we were sure there would be a "floor fight". We all heaved a sigh of relief and not long afterwards the lights were installed.  

CR: Any other proud club moments? CT: Our club`s participation in staffing the lounge at the NCAA collegiate finals at Stanford three years ago. Many club members participated and a lot of praise was given our club by Georgie Chivington and Dick Gould. I have volunteered to help with this again in 2011, and I hope similar club participation will be volunteered by our members. It’s great fun mingling with the players and their coaches, and volunteers have free viewing of the matches on those days they volunteer. Volunteers are also invited to a complimentary cocktail party in the lounge upon the conclusion of this event (Memorial Day Monday). Great drinks, fellowship, and chatting with the celebrities.

CR: Who is your favorite pro tennis player? What’s your favorite shot? Current teams? CT: My favorite professional would be Billie Jean King; she not only did a lot for women’s tennis, but she did a lot for women in general. I also like Andre Agassi. Locally, I like Kevin Bovero, Rusty Cohan, and John Sevely. My own favorite tennis shot is my second serve (bloopy and twisty). I'm currently playing for Cupertino and MVTC on Senior Women's 3.0 and 3.5 teams.

CR: What are your hobbies, jobs and other interests? 
CT: I work fulltime as a dental hygienist on the Peninsula, and I enjoy taking Stanford adult ed classes about investments (particularly during the current recession) and also about medical breakthroughs now that I have a bit more time in the evenings. I am particularly fond of the continuing education classes at Stanford. I am now taking “Mini Medical School”. Each evening a guest speaker from one of the departments at the Med School gives a presentation featuring the latest research modalities, wonderful slides and overheads. So far we’ve had presentations on Radiology, Cardiology, and the Brain. I also like to travel. I especially enjoyed visiting Hong Kong and Beijing although I may also equally enjoy South America, where I’m planning to travel for the first time this November (specifically Chile, Argentina, and Brazil). On rainy days, I read books. I especially enjoy biographies and histories of America and foreign countries.

CR: Any last words? 
CT: “May the club’s continual reputation for being friendly, affordable, community-minded,  and welcoming of all persons continue into the next 40 years.”

General Meeting
Our March General Meeting is set for the evening of Tuesday, March 2nd. There will be a catered dinner, including beer and wine, followed by something sweet and coffee.  Then on to the meeting.

6:00 Registration and drinks
6:30 Dinner served
7:00 Board Meeting, Alex Swetka discussion, raffle (including ball autographed by Andre Agassi)
9:00 Finish 

This event is free for all 2010 members and guests are invited to join us for $25 per person.  Any past members and their friends who haven't had the chance to mail in their membership can join at the door and attend the dinner and meeting.  

Please RSVP to the Evite by February 23rd and email jamesareias@gmail.com with any questions.