December Court Report

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Co-Presidents' Message
Fall General Meeting Re-Cap
Member Profile - Bob Dickerson
2011 Board of Directors


2011 Membership renewals are now being accepted. MV residents can renew for only $20 before 12/31/10.

Co-Presidents' Message
Fellow MVTC Members,
I’d like to mention my continued thanks towards USTA captains and what they mean to their teams and MVTC.
Also, large thanks to the present club USTA Coordinator, Rajeev Kelkar.  Rajeev could use some help with this assignment due to time constraints, so please consider this position.
In a large sense, USTA Captains are actually the CEO/CFO of a mini-company.  They run their teams by recruiting and somehow getting players onto the roster.  They get schedules done, work out lineups, and get their teams poised for greatness. . . and, even sneak in a little fun.  There are rain-outs to manage, practices to organize, team fees to collect, and yes, getting those Togo sandwiches there on time.
Teams sponsored by the MVTC enjoy the benefit of reduced court fees for teams playing out of Rengstorff (relative to Cuesta).  MVTC USTA teams are the only teams playing out of Rengstorff.  It’s clear that MVTC USTA teams benefit the club by providing an easy way for club members to participate in competitive tennis and allows for an influx of tennis enthusiasts a place to meet a community based fellowship.
Fees:  MVTC USTA Rengstorff = $4/hour
       MVTC USTA Cuesta = $8/hour
       non-MVTC Cuesta = $12/hour
As 2011 nears, we already have the Mixed season starting play in January.  Adult season is actually not that far away, with team registration running from January 10 thru February 13.
I’d like to refer you to our MVTC website to view the USTA information.  There, you can see:
1.      The functions of the USTA Coordinator for the club, and
2.      Team Captain Responsibilities
At this time, please consider being a Captain for a MVTC-sponsored USTA Adult Season Team.  Some teams do not gain critical mass until a Captain steps forward to provide leadership.  Thus, MVTC members wanting to play USTA , wander to other organizations to play once the registration time ends, if no Captain steps forward.
The Board would also like to encourage non-resident members to renew their memberships as quickly as possible.  Teams with large numbers of non-residents exacerbate the MVTC rule that has our membership be at least 50% Mountain View residents.  We would like to have teams (playing out of Rengstorff) composed mainly of Mountain View residents (which proves difficult year after year).  Last year, we cut-off offering memberships to non-residents until the number of residents met the threshold.  We don’t have complete resolution to this issue, but need the sensitivity from members and captains on this issue going forward.
Tony Serksnis

Fall General Meeting Re-Cap
Our General Meeting was held at the Mountain View Senior Center on Tuesday, November 9 with about 80 people in attendance. The evening began with dinner catered by New Leaf and some time to socialize. Then George Napier, CEO of Prince Sports, spoke engagingly about the business decisions surrounding several recent racket innovations (specifically Wilson Hammer and Prince O3). There was also a silent auction for 10 pairs of sunglasses which netted $380 for the NetGain non-profit. NetGain plans to use the money for scholarships to help kids continue with tennis lessons, clinics or Junior Team Tennis. 

Several awards were presented throughout the evening. Milt Freeman received a special Certificate of Acheivement plaque. Paul Baty and Diane Silverman were named Most Improved Players of the Year. There wasn't a clear consensus for the Sportsmanship Awards so those were not presented. Please keep good sportsmanship in your mind so that we can recognize the appropriate man and woman for 2011.

Special thanks to Jimmy Areias for doing the organizing, George Napier for the informative talk, and to the following sponsors for drinks and prizes: David Paconi, Vive Sol, Swetka's Tennis Shop, Artisan Wine, Ties House Brewery, Kapp's Pizza, Trader Joes.

Member Profile - Bob Dickerson
Photo at left is of Bob Dickerson hanging out in Bug Sur. Bob is currently rated 4.0 and has been playing tennis in Nothern California for at least 10 years. He is known for having his tongue firmly planted in his check so please take the following exchange with a large pinch of salt.
CR: Where did you grow up? Any memories?
BD: I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. My earliest memory was going duck hunting with my dad, getting totally soaked in a duck blind, while he got drunk. We ended up in some bar on Vance Street and I spent the night on a sofa listening to some fellow play "Honeysuckle Rose" on the piano over and over again. When we got home late the next morning, my mother kicked both of us out. I ended up helping my dad run a moonshine still. We made pretty good money, enough to send me to private school. I never saw my mother again. But I heard she married a Hungarian prince.

CR: When and where did you first start playing tennis? What attracted you to the game? What do you like about it?
BD: I started playing tennis when I was 3 years old. Before that, I played water polo. My tennis teacher was an English guy who reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon. He taught me how to play really well for most of a match and then choke at the end. I think that's still the English method of playing tennis.

CR: How long have you been a member of the club? What do you value about it?
BD: Probably about ten years in my present incarnation. I was previously a member years ago, but that was before the operation. I love the club for being so forgiving. I really appreciate it letting me join despite my being a perennial member of The Ten Most Wanted List. And extra thanks for not turning me in though I know the reward is tempting especially now that the economy is in such bad shape.

CR: Your favorite match that you have played? Tell us a little about it. Of if you want to talk about two, please do.
BD: Probably a mixed doubles match with Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova where I had to be the male partner of both women. George Clooney was supposed to show but he canceled and since the match was a benefit, I was forced to play on both sides of the net. It came down to a third set tiebreak with Anna serving to me. I smashed a return and then flew across the net to block a volley right at Maria's feet. She tripped and I jumped over the net just in time to dig out a lob sending Anna back to the baseline where she fell and I had to race across the net to retrieve a lob which I hit then crosscourt at Maria. And so forth. It was madness. The match finally ended in a tie and the two ladies and I spent a weekend in Vegas betting on NFL games and catching a spectacular show featuring Cher and Justin Bieber.

CR: Your favorite tennis shot? Which shot gives you the most pleasure when you hit it?
BD: My favorite shot is my between-the-legs slice backhand which I usually hit for show or to torment an opponent like Mike Rodgers, Marc Shaw or Dana Wyse. I like it when it goes sailing by them and they drop to their knees and call me a Tennis God.

CR: Your favorite tennis pro? Probably more than one. And why?
BD: Seriously. I always liked Amy Frazier because she looked like an old country club lady even when she was thirteen and just starting her pro career. She used so much sun screen that she was usually paler than the white everyone wore, but she could hit the ball hard and on a dime. I saw her trounce Anna K. once and take Venus to the edge before losing. She played in the game a long time and I once saw her stay for an hour after a match and sign her name again and again for lines of kids. She also designed her clothes and wore a different outfit for each round. She said she was going to teach math when she retired. I wonder if that's what she is doing now.

CR: What do you do for work? Do you like it? If so, why?
BD: I teach English at De Anza. It's not really work since I love what I do, which is corrupt young minds. What I mean, of course, is make them think, introduce them to books and ideas, make them fall in love with words, and most importantly get them to realize life is to be lived. Passionately and wisely.

CR: Any hobbies, other pursuits besides tennis, other passions?
BD: Poetry. I write a lot of bad poetry, mostly to annoy my friends and to get women to fall in love with me, although I have to admit I haven't had too much success with the latter goal.

2011 Board of Directors
Ther following people have agreed to serve on the 2011 MVTC Board:
        President       Tony Serksnis
      Vice President  Jimmy Areias
       Treasurer      Catherine Puzon
       Secretary      Debbie Ryan
       Tournaments Kathy Wheeler and Katharine Altemus
       Social/Publicity Debbie Ryan
       Membership   Guillaume Cottarel
       Court Report Diane Silverman
       USTA Coordinator      Rajeev Kelkar (interim)
       Fund Development     Carol Tolen
       Webmaster    Nuwan Jayasena
s tournament was

The October Singles tournament was cancelled due to impending rain. The November Grand Prix tournament was cancelled due to lack of a Tournament Director. 2009 Grand Prix winners are: Catherine Puzon, Doug Anderson and Noah Banks (tied). Congratulations!

Two MVTC Combo teams made it into playoffs. The Dropshot Divas 7.5 team narrowly lost in the their first round of playoffs with all 3 lines going to the wrong teeam in the third set on Halloween. The Chicken Taggers 8.5 team narrowly won their first round on the same day 2- - the deciding line was won 7-5, 7-6. In the second round of playoffs the Taggers lost all 3 lines but two of them went to the third set. Great job everyone!

Now is on to Mixed season. Team sign ups are happening right now. The season runs from January 10 thru April 17.