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June Court Report

Important Dates:
6/5 Rock & Rally @ Cuesta
6/11 MVTC Play Day @ Cuesta
6/21 7pm Board Mtg @ MV Sr. Center
6/25 Team Tennis Tournament
7/25 -31 Bank of the West @ Stanford
In This Issue:
President's Message
NetGain Needs Coaches
Profile - Danny Strom
MVTC Volunteers at NCAAs
Mountain View Open
May Singles Tournament
June Team TennisTournament
Volunteer at Bank of the West

2011 Tournament Schedule:
 Jun 25 Team Tennis **changed
Aug 13 Quad Team Tennis
Sep 17 Mixed Doubles
Oct 154 Mens/Womens Singles
Nov 12 Grand Prix

Rock & Rally:

June 6 10:00am - 1:00pm @ Cuesta  Games, music, prizes, fast serve competition. Fundraiser for Cuesta club house. Open to the public.

MVTC Play Day June 11
RSVP by EVITE (limit 40)
9:30am Registration and court assignments
10:00am Play begins 
12:30pm Fast serve contest
Come out and watch. You don't have to participate.

President's Message
It’s June, and it appears that the rain is dwindling.  This should hopefully allow us to get out there for more tennis!
A lot of tennis is already happening.  This court report details our own club’s May and June tourneys, local “big name” tourneys like the NCAA Championships at Taube and the Mountain View Open.  Also, there is some information on our MVTC USTA teams in action, along with a MVTC sponsored “fun day” at Cuesta (June 11th) that is driven by our own Debbie Ryan. Opportunities to watch and take part in some great tennis abound.

You might want to start thinking about volunteering to be a captain for a MVTC USTA Combo team.  Last year, we had 4 combo teams: 6.5W (Carrie Fischer), 7.5W (Kathy Wheeler), 7.5M Qiao Chen, and 8.5M Paul Chen.  The 2011 team registration opens on July 11th. If you want to captain a team to play out of Cuesta, contact the Mountain View Tennis office (at Cuesta) soon.  If you want to captain a team to play out of Rengstorff, contact me at tonyserks@gmail.com and we will get an email out to the club to elicit interest from the rest of the members if you wish.  The MVTC values its USTA captains and the work that they do.
Thanks - Tony

NetGain Needs Tennis Coaches
Are you interested in working with kids from 10 to 14 years of age? Then NetGain has just the activity for you.  COACHING TENNIS!   The season is a six week program with the Mountain View Police Department PAL program.  We work with two middle schools in Mountain View for six weeks from November 1 through December 14.  It is two days a week, Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30.  Club members are welcome to help coach.  We have several club members who are on the volunteer coaching staff.  Some of you have asked about the program so this is your reminder that if you still wish to volunteer, it is mow time to sign up.   Contact Jere Schaefer  at 650-388-8088 or Chris Dateo at 850-922-0113.

Community Member Profile - Danny Strom
Danny is an instructor with Mountain View Tennis at Cuesta Park. I watched one of his high school matches this year and see him frequently at the Cuesta Park courts. I thought you might be interested in hearing from a young local player.
CR: You are 18 and attend Mountain View High School. Have you always lived in Mountain View? Tell us about your family.
DS: I was born and raised in Santa Cruz. I moved to Mountain View 5 years ago for my 8th grade year of school. I  am half Norwegian and half Peruvian. My Dad’s family is Norwegian and goes back many generations. He got me interested in older styles of music like BB King, The Beatles, and Eric Clapton. My Mom was born in Peru and her family lives in Lima. We eat Peruvian food most days and listen to Spanish music.

CR: When and where did you first start playing tennis?
DS: I first started playing tennis in Santa Cruz when I was 13. I signed up for a Rec class and the coach, Cal Honda,  noticed how fast I was learning the game. He convinced my parents to enroll me in private group lessons which I did for 2 years.
CR: You played tennis for the Mountain View High School team this year. How did that go?
DS: I played Varsity tennis this year as a Junior - got cut from the team both Freshman and Sophomore year - so that felt good. Coach Frank (Smith) had me switching me between # 2 doubles and #3 doubles. For most of the season, I had a different partner for very match. It  wasn’t until near the end of the season that I had the same partner for 2 matches and he graduates this year.

CR: How long have you been a tennis instructor? What's it like? What do you enjoy about it?
DS: I passed the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) certification test in November 2010. It’s a two day test that covers a lot of information. I can’t really define what it’s like to be a tennis instructor. It’s nice to see other people learn and get excited about playing tennis.

CR: Your favorite match that you have played? Tell us a little about it.
DS: My favorite match this year was against Lynnbrook High School. It was a hot day and I played with Michael Romeo. We lost the first set 0-6 but picked up our game and won the second set 6-1. Since there were more than 4 of the 7 matches still playing, we were on to a full third set. We tried our best to pick it up a little more but could not pull off the win, losing 4-6 in the third set. That match was tough. After we walked off the court, Coach Frank told me that my volleys were professional and that my slice serve was on that day.

CR: Your favorite tennis shot? Which shot gives you the most pleasure when you hit it?
DS: My favorite shot is the volley. It feels good to be at the net crushing the ball at my opponent. Some times they are so scared that they don’t react at all.

CR: Your favorite tennis pro?. And why?
DS: I don’t really have a favorite pro but I think Roger Federer has the best looking game.

CR: Any hobbies, other pursuits besides tennis, other passions?
DS: I like all kinds of music and have played soccer. And a friend got me started doing some fencing this year. And then there’s getting through high school.

CR: We don't ask this very often but will make an exception because of your age. What are your long term plans and dreams?
DS: My long term plans are to play collegiate  tennis at Foothill for two years and then transfer to a 4-year school and play 2 more years. After that, I don’t know, maybe give professional tennis a try.

MVTC Volunteers Shine at NCAAs.
I want to thank the following MVTC volunteers who served in the Players` Lounge at the Collegiate Tennis USTA matches at Stanford May 19-30: Diane Silverman, Joan Bailey(2 tours of duty), Cynthia Newton, Jenny Leong, Lisa McMillan, Mike and Catherine Puzon, Diane Gazzano, Connie Gannon, Deb Ryan, Maria Lange, Lynne Stark, and Paul Romeo. Dick Gould and Georgie Chivington gave you folks high marks and much appreciation for your service and time donated toward this event. All volunteers received a commemerative visor/or cap as well as free admission to the matches the day they served.

Thank you again for a job well done,
 Carol Tolen

NCAA Division I Champions:
Team: Florida
Doubles: Stanford Hilary Barte/Mallory Burdette defeated Clemson Josipa Bek/Keri Wong
Singles: Cal Jana Juricova defeated Stanford Stacey Tan

Team: USC
Doubles: Texas A&M Jeff Dadamo/Austin Krajicek defeated Stanford Bradley Klahn/Ryan Thacher
Singles: USC Steve Johnson defeated Tennessee Rhyne Williams

2011 Mountain View Open, Memorial Weekend

The Mountain View Open tennis tournament was held last weekend at Cuesta Park. Prize money was increased by $1,000 to $4,500. Here is a link to the results. Hope some of you had the chance to go and watch some great local tennis.

May Singles Tournament
Thanks to everyone who participated in the MVTC May Singles Tournament…the weather cooperated and we had a great day for tennis—as well as great tennis!  Draws with results will be posted online shortly, but for those of you who are dying to know….
The results (drum roll please):
Division I:  In the main draw, Romain Trilling won the late afternoon duel with Alain Raynaud (7-6(4), 7-5).  In the consolation final, Alex Yang prevailed over Adam Brody (6-1, 6-1).
Division II:  William Yeh bested Michael Puzon (6-1, 6-4) in the main draw.  Jeremy Chen outlasted Sunil Chauham to earn the consolation win (7-6, 3-6, 1-0).
Division III:   Abhishek Rala edged out Chen Xiao in 3 closely contested sets (6-4, 4-6, 1-0) to win the main draw.  Kiran Chitturi defeated Sasha Ovsankin (6-4, 6-3) in the consolation draw.
Chen Xiao wins extra kudos for being the first on the courts in the am, and the last off the courts in the pm—and Julian Tham wins  the “glad it’s not me” award for two grueling matches which I understand totaled more than 4.5 hours of court time!!
And many of our tournament players deserve special recognition for their help in making the day a fun event:
·         Jitendra Swankar (for his excellent work as our tournament Food Director);
·         Chen Xiao, Mila Ovsankin, and Jeremy Chen (for their tasty contributions to the food tables);
·         Catherine Puzon, Chen Xiao, and William Yeh (for sharing the desk duties);
·          Gary Buzzell, Sunil Chauhan,  Jeremy Chen, Mike Puzon, Dave Shoquist, William Yeh—and I know there were others whose names escape me at the moment (for being the worker bees who helped set up and take down the tournament accoutrements); and
·         All the players who participated and played with grace, good sportsmanship, and fantastic tennis!
Katharine Altemus
Tournament Director

June Team Tennis Tournament
Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011
Time: 8:30-11:45 am and 1-4:15 pm
Location: Rengstorff Tennis Courts
Entry Fee: $10 for MVTC Members, $12 for non-members
Entry Rewards: Fun, Food, Prizes
Entry Deadline: June 18th (midnight) online
Participants: MVTC Members and Non-Members
Tournament Director: Katharine Altemus
Food Lead: Jitendra Swarnkar

Please join the MVTC for a fun day of tennis on Saturday, June 25th, 8:30 am to 4:15 pm at Rengstorff.
This is an annual event with a Team Tennis format.  
  • You sign up to play--and all levels of players are welcome!
  • We assign you to a team—teams are built and balanced to spread the tennis talent evenly across teams.
  • Half of the teams play in the morning (8:30 to 11:45am), and the other half play in the afternoon (1:00 to 4:15 pm). Please indicate your availability as you register if you are unable to play in the am or pm.  
  • The teams play each other in doubles (mens, womens, mixed) matches.
  • Lunch will be served for everyone from  noon to 1 pm.
What better way to start the summer tennis season?
...no need to find a partner
... you get to meet other players in the club
... all this and a nice lunch too!

Sign up online...  capacity limited to 80 players—so SIGN UP NOW!

As always, we welcome (and need) volunteers.
Please indicate your willingness to help as you register!

 ***All players awarded at least 10 Grand Prix points***
Accrue 40 points by the end of October 2011 for automatic entry into the November 2011 MVTC Grand Prix!!!  

Volunteer Opportunities- Bank of The West Classic If you are interested in volunteering for the 2011 Bank of the West Tennis Classic to be held July 25-31, 2011 at Stanford University. Volunteer positions are currently available in several areas including ushers, guest services and hospitality.

The shift times are indicated next to each job and are listed as morning, afternoon, or evening on the sign-up sheet. Please check on every shift you are available to volunteer. I will send you a confirmation of your assigned shifts by July 15. Please note, there is a minimum requirement for volunteers to do 4 SHIFTS.

As a volunteer you will receive the following:

  • Tickets to selected sessions of the Bank of the West Classic*
  • An Official Tournament Uniform
  • Parking passes for the days you are scheduled to work.
  • Meals for shift worked

Sign up Online - https://ems.resrunner.com/BOTW_11_Volunteers Diane Thompson / 2011 Bank of the West Classic Volunteer Manager

 Adult season is in full swing. We have 7 teams registered; their standings as of June 2 are below:

Women's 3.0 A (Eileen Gann): 7-2. 1st place
Women's 4.0C (Dropshot Divas, Kathy wheeler): 3-5
Men's 3.0A (JK Swarnkar): 2-6
Men's 3.5A (John Farcich): 6-3, 4th place
Men's 4.0A (Paint the Lines, Rajiv Khilnani): 7-1, 1st place
Men's 4.0B (Dan Mah): 3-4
Men's 4.5A (Rajeev Kelkar): 3-3