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July 2011 Court Report

Important Dates:
7/25 -31 Bank of the West @ Stanford
8/13 Quad Club Tourney
In This Issue:
 NetGain Needs Coaches
Social Play Day
June Team Tennis Tournament
Adventures of a Food Director
August Quad Club Tournament

2011 Tournament Schedule:
Aug 13 Quad Team Tennis
Sep 17 Mixed Doubles
Oct 154 Mens/Womens Singles
Nov 12 Grand Prix

NetGain Needs Tennis Coaches
Are you interested in working with kids from 10 to 14 years of age? Then NetGain has just the activity for you.  COACHING TENNIS! The season is a six week program with the Mountain View Police Department PAL program.  We work with two middle schools in Mountain View for six weeks from November 1 through December 14.  It is two days a week, Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30.  Club members are welcome to help coach.  We have several club members who are on the volunteer coaching staff.  Some of you have asked about the program so this is your reminder that if you still wish to volunteer, it is mow time to sign up.    Contact Jere Schaefer  at 650-388-8088 or Chris Dateo at 850-922-0113.

Social Play Day June 11, 2011
The Play Day was well attended and very fun. With a random partner we rotated through 7 courts supplied with various types of
tennis balls from foam to almost regular accumulating points as we went along. There was also a radar gun to clock your serve speed
and a hoop to test the accuracy of your hitting. Prizes were raffled off at the end, including tennis lessons. See photos below of the
group, the fastest servers (Jill Nagahara-Evans and Jimmy Areias) and the Accuracy Royalty (Craig Price and Paula Tsukida).

June Team Tennis Tournament by Katharine Altemus
Thanks to each and every one of you for participating in this month’s MVTC Team Tennis Tournament. I can say from
personal experience that it was a truly fun summer day filled with delicious food, tennis, friendly competition, and true
camaraderie. And better yet: EVERYONE left a winner, bearing a medal (for first place) or the even more coveted MVTC
commemorative pin (for runners-up)!! Unfortunately, we only have pictures of those winning medals…

In the AM, the Green Lantern superheroes (captained by Mike Siew, far right in photo below) took top dog
honors…He and teammates Cynthia Newton, Craig Price, June Walker, Debbie Ryan, Roy Molseed, and Katharine
Altemus (all pictured below, left to right), and the now-invisible (at least in the only photograph of record) Ed Chan, John
Manton, and Sam Kao, amassed a truly impressive (yet already forgotten) score.

Green Lantern - AM Winners

In the PM, the AVENGERS lived up to their name. Captained by JK Swarnker (top left in photo below), teammates
Diane Silverman, Paula Cunningham, Mon Rungruangsamrankul, Patsy Duke (bottom, left to right), Rich Beaver,
Harrison Tsang (top row, right to left) and Denny Yeung (apparently photo-shy…) overcame adversity (i.e., mysteriously
absent players) to gain the medal.

Avengers - PM Winners

In short, the tournament was an unqualified success—in large part because of the enthusiastic and welcome efforts of
all our volunteers. I do believe we broke all club records for volunteerism at a single tournament! So THANKS to all
those industrious worker bees:

Our captains:
Patsy Duke, Mike Siew, Solomon Tan, & Kathy Wheeler (am)
Douglas Anderson, John Farcich, JK Swarnkar, & Katharine Altemus (pm)

Our Food Coodinator Debbie Ryan (see related article by Debbie), and her legions of helpers: Rita Brand, Dwight Branvold, Julia Caulfield, Liz Chambers & Ken Humble, Patsy Duke, Claudio Hernandez, Sam Kao, Perry Lim, Karl Mellon, Amba Mohlajee,
Mila Ovsankin, Catherine Puzon, Carol Schulte, Jitendra Swarnkar, Kathy Wheeler, Rebecca Wheeler & Sheridan Rotermund

Our Set-Up/Clean-Up, and BBQ Troops: Jimmy Areias, Patsy Duke, John Farcich, Diane Gazzano, Claudio
Hernandez, Sam Kao, Perry Lim, Amba Mohlajee, Kathy Nichols, Craig Price (Burger Master), Diane Silverman, and
Jitendra Swarnkar


Adventures of a Food Director
by Debbie Ryan
Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a Food Director? Well, this was my first attempt to coordinate a BBQ for a group of 70+ people. The idea starts with menu planning. I find that one hot entrée and one cold entrée works best.  In this case, I planned a BBQ with hamburgers and a plate with sliced meats and cheeses for sandwiches.

Requests for food and tasks from Volunteers are sent out in an email.  Food requests are divided into categories such as salads, fruits, snacks, desserts, and drinks. Tasks are set up, clean up, BBQ, or floater (help as needed).

Once the requests are received and compiled, a confirmation is sent out to the Volunteers with their assignments.  The Food Director takes an inventory of the supplies at the Rengstorff storage closet and composes a shopping list of supplies and groceries at least 2 days before the tournament. The day before the tournament, groceries and supplies are purchased and dropped off at Rengstorff for storage. All produce and fruit items are taken home to be washed and prepared prior to tournament day.  It’s easier to do this beforehand as there is no sink to use at Rengstorff.  

On the day of the tournament, the Food Director arrives at least ½ hour before the tournament begins to direct the “Food Crew”, set up tables and layout of food.  I find that it works best to have a Co- Director to split up the duties and assist.  Choose someone you feel compatible with and can trust. It makes things easier and enjoyable for you. Having a team of volunteers to help and assist adds to the camaraderie. I was surprised to see how many great volunteers come out to help. Besides coordinating and directing food for the tournament, I was able to play in 5 rounds of tennis in the tournament. I even managed to be on the winning team (Green Lantern) and received a medal! 

In summary, I would like to thank my “Food Crew” Volunteers for their contributions and Co-Director Patsy Duke for her time and assistance in planning and shopping for the BBQ and Craig Price, “Burger Master”,  for his attentive eyes and flipping burgers on the BBQ. I couldn’t have done it without your help. I appreciate your efforts and time that you contributed to the club.  Everything went well except for one tiny glitch. I forgot to bring the sliced onions for the hamburgers in my fridge.  When I got home, my kitchen smelled like onions. But don’t worry, they didn’t go to waste. I made French Onion Soup with them! Our next tournament is Saturday, August 13, Quad Club Team Tennis. If you like to meet new people, work on a team, create with food, please email me at debbie_ryan@pacbell.net. Here’s the opportunity to be part of the creative “Food Crew” Team and be involved in the planning process! Make a difference. Volunteer now!

August Quad Club Team Tennis Tournament

Date: Saturday, August 13th, 2011
Time: 8:30 to 11:45 am and 1:00 to 4:15 pm
Location: Rengstorff Tennis Courts
Entry Fee: $15
Entry Rewards: Fun, Food, Prizes — plus a continental breakfast…and a great lunch!!
Entry Deadline: August 6th (11:59pm)
Participants: Any member of the following clubs: Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Tomodachi, Fremont Hills
Tournament Director: Katharine Altemus
Food Chair: Jitendra Swarnkar

Capacity limited to 80 players…so sign up early!

You will be assigned to a team.  Half of the teams play in the morning (8:30 to 11:45am), and the other half play in the afternoon (1:00 to 4:15 pm). Please indicate AM or PM as you register if you are unable to play during the other session.

As always, we welcome (and need) volunteers.  Please indicate your willingness to help as you register!

***All players awarded at least 10 Grand Prix points***
Accrue 40 points by the end of October 2011 for automatic entry into the November 2011 MVTC Grand Prix!! See who's signed up already

 Adult season is into second rounds of playoffs. We have 2 teams still in the running. Status of all 7 of our teams as of July 21.

Women's 3.0 A (Eileen Gann): 7-2; 2nd round match on 7/22 against University Club
Women's 4.0C (Dropshot Divas, Kathy wheeler): 3-9
Men's 3.0A (JK Swarnkar): 3-9
Men's 3.5A (John Farcich): 6-3; lost in first round
Men's 4.0A (Paint the Lines, Rajiv Khilnani): 7-1, 2nd round match on 7/24 against Cuesta
Men's 4.0B (Dan Mah): 3-9
Men's 4.5A (Rajeev Kelkar): 3-7

The following people have registered MVTC teams for 50 Mixed and upcoming Combo seasons:
50 Mixed 6.0 Patsy Duke
50 Mixed 7.0 John Farcich
Women's 7.5 Combo Kathy Wheeler
Men's 8.5 Combo Rick Truong