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December 2011 Court Report

December 2011 Court Report

Important Dates:
11/24 Thanksgiving
12/25 Christmas
In This Issue:
November General Meeting
End of Summer Classic 
October Singles

2011 Tournament Schedule:

Donations Needed
Junior Team Tennis and NetGain are in need of racket covers and rackets. They can be dropped off at Mountain View Tennis in Cuesta Park or Swetka's Tennis Shop.

Volunteers Needed
Junior Team Tennis and NetGain are in need of more coaches to help kids learn tennis. Contact Jere Scheafer 650-388-8088 for more information.

2012 Membership Application Available Online Now

November General Meeting
Our Fall General Meeting was held on Tuesday October 25th.  Approximately 60 people attended which proved to be about 5 more than the caterers expected so we ran out of plates for a few minutes. Carol Tolen presented the annual awards. The Sportsmanship Awards went to Debbie Ryan and a tie Rajiv Khilnani and Mike Siew. Most Improved went to Chen Xiao and Jonah Harley. Grand Prix winners are Katherine Altemus and Saloman Tan.

In addition to our MVTC meeting agenda, Bill Rapp, representing the SAP Open, gave a humorous talk about personal experiences in the industry, interesting history of the tournament, and information about the discounted tickets being offered to our club.  Many members generously brought racquets and gear to be donated for the NetGain program.

Thank you to the following local businesses who generously donated items for our general meeting:
David Panconi - www.premiertennis.biz david@premiertennis.biz - 408-893-1405
Swetka's Tennis Shop www.swetkas.com - (650) 968-8952
SAP Open http://www.sapopentennis.com
Vive Sol Restaurant www.vivesol.biz - (650) 938-2020
Tied House Cafe & Brewery www.tiedhouse.com - (650) 965-2739
Frankie Johnnie & Luigi Too www.fjlmountainview.com - (650) 967-5384
Kapp's Pizza Bar & Grill www.kappspizza.com - (650) 961-1491
Artisan Wine Depot www.artisanwinedepot.com - (650) 969-3511
Trader Joe's

End of Summer Classic (September Mixed Doubles) by Katharine Altemus
Congratulations to all our participants in this weekend’s MVTC September 2011 Mixed Doubles Tournament which, being such an unwieldy moniker, is hereinafter nicknamed the End of Summer Classic).  The weather was perfect—and we had a competitive, yet fun day of good sportsmanship and great tennis enhanced by terrific food!
For those of you waiting with bated breath…it was a rough day for the seeds!
Division III:
Main Draw:  Dana Glusovich & Christy Lang took the trophy (figuratively speaking…) by overcoming their opponents Kiran Chitturi & Anna Pamatmat, 6-2, 6-1.
Consolation Draw:  Guillaume Cottarel & Colleen McCullough battled Julian Tham & Marlene Janse van Rensburg battled their way through 3 sets to win 5-7, 6-1, 6-2.

Division II:
Main Draw:  Madan Venugopal & Jo-Ann Smith routed Solomon Tan & Katharine Altemus, 6-2, 6-2.
Consolation Draw:  Johnny Pham & Nora Hayward earned a win over Andrew & Lenore Clark who were forced to default early in the match due to an untimely injury.

Division III:
Main Draw:  Jimmy Chiu & Dianne Abaya racked up a win over  Flora Tang & Roy Molseed, 6-4, 6-2.
Consolation Draw:  Perry Lim & Diana Nguyen dispatched Michael & Catherine Puzon, 6-4, 6-2.

My heartfelt thanks to all our laboring oars this month.
Special thanks go out to our Food Directors Sasha & Mila Ovsankin, who volunteered to step in and organize food for us—despite their very busy family schedule—and generated a repast both healthy & hearty!!
They were, of course, ably assisted by MVTC members bringing food: Jimmy Chiu, Jill Nagahara-Evans, Jo-Ann Smith, and Solomon Tan.

Noah Banks deserves special recognition this month.  He didn’t get to play on Saturday, but nonetheless stuck around to chat, watch tennis, and most importantly COOK THOSE GREAT BURGERS!!  Thank you Noah!!  Solomon Tan also earns kudos for assisting at the grill:  he was truly smoking (or perhaps “smoked” would be more descriptive) by the time we played our match!  And Jo-Ann Smith, for setting up the burger accoutrements!

Finally—thank you to everyone who showed up early to help set-up… and those of you who pitched in to help put things away: Dianne Abaya, Noah Banks, Kiran Chitturi, Jill Nagahara-Evans, Sasha & Mila Ovsankin, Michael & Catherine Puzon, Mike Siew, Jo-Ann Smith, Solomon Tan.

October Singles by Katharine Altemus

Thanks to everyone who participated in the MVTC October Singles Tournament…the weather cooperated and we had a great day for tennis—as well as great tennis!  Draws with results are posted online, but for those of you who are dying to know….
The results (drum roll please):
Division I:  Injuries plagued the 4.0+ division.  Perry Lim, scared off by his rivals (or, more likely, sidelined with an injury) had to withdraw, but spent the afternoon cheering on his almost-rivals.  Roy Molseed (gamely playing singles despite being a doubles aficionado) stuck out his first match in spite of an injury, but then had to retire.   Heal fast guys—the MVTC Grand Prix approaches!
In the main draw, Jimmy Areias won the late afternoon duel with Kwabena Asante (7-5, 6-2).  In the consolation final, Tony Moy prevailed over Adam Brody (6-1, 6-1).

Division II:  Hamid Rafiei demolished the main draw, and then outlasted Jeremy Chen (6-4, 6-3) to win the division.  In the consolation draw, girl power prevailed as Niyati Kanani erased Andrew Clark’s dreams of a victory (6-3, 6-0).

Division III:   so sad, too bad….not enough entrants for a division III draw.  Maybe next time!
And many of our tournament players deserve special recognition for their help in making the day a fun event:
·         Jimmy Areias (for stepping up to be our well-organized tournament Food Director);
·         Catherine Puzon, Michael Puzon, and Perry Lim (for sharing the desk duties);
·          Jimmy Areias, Kwabena Asante, Roy Molseed, Denny Monick, Mike Puzon, Hamid Rafiei, Solomon Tan,—and I know there were others whose names escape me at the moment (for being the worker bees who helped set up and take down the tournament accoutrements); and
·         All the players who participated and played with good sportsmanship, humor, and fantastic tennis!

Katharine Altemus
Tournament Director