How we were started...

The Miami Valley Sports Car Club (MVSCC) is a group of like-minded enthusiasts whose sole purpose for existance is to create motorsporting events, participate in friendly completition on a community level, with safety a primary focus.  The MVSCC expects most members will already be affiliated with regional or national sports car clubs and we anticipate forging collaborative relationships with them to maximize everyone's safety and enjoyment.  

The MVSCC grew from a desire of local sports car enthusiasts to focus their efforts toward amateur weekend motorsports, including at a minimum, autocross.  We intend to remain flexible in all aspects of club proceedings.  If only 20 people show to our events or 200, we will be able to function.  Everyone is welcome and novices are very encouraged to attend.  We will have personal coaching sessions at each event for novices and experienced alike.  Our autocross events will be run using NASA Time Trial class structures and class structures as SCCA Solo2* along with the possibility of a few additional guest classes.  Track sessions, similar to High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) events are being considered.  Our goal is to increase the exposure of the autocross community more people. *(The MVSCC is not affiliated with, nor is it in competition with, the SCCA or the Western Ohio Region of the SCCA)