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Kurangani Trip


(April 3,2011)



                Kurangani was an amazing hill spot which was situated in Theni District. It is about 16 km away from Bodinayakkanur. Kurangani region is a sea of ridges and mountain peaks separated by valleys filled with virgin forests of silver oaks and eucalyptus and various plantations like tea, coffee and cardamom. It is about an attitude of 6,500 feet on the southern flank of the Western Ghats. 



                We started our journey with the presence of prayer from our college at 3.00am. We reached kurangani at 7.30am. After reaching kurangani we left our van near the forest office and started our trek along with the forest guard Mr.Ayyavoo. He made our team in an active one.



                While trekking we saw a stream named “PERIA SAMBLAI RIVER” at 8.20am. Then we stayed there and finished our Breakfast. There we saw many monkeys surrounded us to share our food. After finishing our breakfast we again started our journey at 8.40am. On the way we saw many monkeys on a top of a mountain. Then we reached “SUMAI THANGI PARAI” at 9.15 am.


                Near “SUMAI THANGI PARAI” we took rest for some time. While talking with Mr.Ayyavoo, he told that “we were on the way which was made especially for the horse, tribal and trekkers”. Here no jeeps were allowed because it will create disturbance to the animals and birds in that area due to sound produced by the jeep.
                He told that if forest fires occur means it will create harmful to animals, birds, plants, reptiles, young ones, etc. The forest fire mostly occurs during the summer, so that the Government had restricted the visitors to the forest area in the peak climate.

                In the forest area tribal’s were living and we saw their residential in a distance apart from the hills. Their special character is that they carry her child in the back of the mother. If any one came across means they used to hide themselves in the nearby bushes. Government has arranged a school for the children also, for taking class a special teacher is arranged and the teacher will teach the children by staying there for a weekdays. But people situating there was not willing to allow their children to schools. So the schooling system also became failure in that area.        


                He told that, he planted herbal plants around his house and he awarded for the same by the government of Tamil Nadu.


                Our sharing in that area comes to an end. Then we again start our trek at 9.35am. On the way he told that the highest peak in Tamil Nadu is “Mesa Puli” which is situated in Kurangani hills. He told that still we want to travel upto the “V” point, in that area there is no sunlight is present. Then we reached the central at 10.20am. There we drank rasna in a small shop. Central is the place which is having a church, a temple and one school. It is about 1200m height and 7 km from the bottom (i.e.) we travel about 7 km from the morning. Then there we took rest for some time. Near to the school we saw one bell which is an old one. Near to the school we all let a small sleep I the grassy land along with a little dog.       


                After taking rest we again start our journey to a coffee estate at 11.15am. On the way the forest is denser. It is very experienced to trek in that area along our team in that dangerous area. On the way we saw many pepper plants along the sides of the path. At last we reached the coffee estate at 12.30pm. There we finished our lunch and took rest for some time. In that area we saw, orange trees and samplings of coffee. Initially they grow the coffee samplings in a shaded area and then they took the samplings for planting in the field. The Estate owner makes black coffee and gives it to our team.


                Then we planned to start our journey from there. But nature did an amazing thing. Rain drops falls slowly and makes the climate to chill. But it was a great challenge to us because we want to return down through steep slopes. While trekking in the downhill there was a heavy rain, but still we continued our trek with thrill. On returning we crossed a stream and so on. We meet many challenges during downhill. While crossing an estate artificial fountain starts to spray the water on us. At last after some time there is an end to rainfall. Then we reached the destination at 4.30pm.


                At last our trek came to an end with many adventures and informative thoughts. Then we visited a nearest coffee estate in kurangani. In that estate their production of coffee is from 7 varieties of coffee plant. After that we started our return journey at 5.00 pm. Thus we had a glad experience in kurangani hills.


Horse Rider

A Praying place on the way to central in kurangani

Near Peria Samblai River

Peria Samblai River, Kurangani

A Beautiful Site in Kurangani

Site of Kurangani Hills

Govt. School in the Central, Kurangani

Near to Govt. School Bell

Tea Samplings , Kurangani

Tea Estate, Kurangani

A site in the Estate, Kurangani

Mr.Naveen Joseph in the Tea Estate