Did you know that Shakespeare added 1700 words to the English language?  Also, did you know that reading Shakespeare actually makes you smarter? Have you ever wondered why people still read and perform his works so many hundreds of years after he wrote them?

For this   assignment, please do the following:

  1. Take out your class notebook. 
  2. Add this to your table of contents: "Romeo and Juliet Webquest"
  3. Add a heading, and title your paper:

Romeo and Juliet Webquest - 

Ms. Gomez' students: this activity should be done on the ODD pages, so go on to the next odd page if you run out of room. 

You will research the following topics. Below, next to each topic  is the task you will need to complete.

1A. Shakespeare's Life (Create a basic timeline)

1B. Love and Marriage in Elizabethan England (Write down three interesting facts)

1C. Theater in Elizabethan England (Draw an annotated sketch)

2A. Shakespearean Grammar (Write down two ways that Shakespeare alters language in his plays. Find one example from the play.)

2B. Themes of Romeo and Juliet (Write one fact each about four different themes or aspects of the play)

2C: Family Relationships in Romeo and Juliet  (Write down a response to the video)

You will need to take notes and complete each task about - using only the resources on this page.  If you have a source you think I should include, please email me the link.

Click on the first item below to get started.

1. William Shakespeare's life and time period (Elizabethan England)

You will work individually to get these tasks completed. Check your HW page for your Survey class to find out when this web quest is due.