posted Jan 23, 2012, 12:54 PM by MVP Gators   [ updated Apr 2, 2019, 6:46 AM ]
Registration is $25 for the first child in a family, $20 for the second, with additional $5 discounts for each additional child.

Please read ALL of these instructions before registering and ideally have them open in a separate window or print them so you can refer to them if needed. You will need to sign into your Active account if you registered last year or create an account if you are new to the MVP Gators (you can add new family members to an existing account). We do not have your password, if you have difficulties recalling it, you can get password help through Active. 

When registering, please pay close attention to the following -
1. Once signed in to your account, the first page of registration will have previously registered name(s) from last year that you may choose from and/or options to input a new swimmer.  Select first registrant and assure that info is correct (especially swimmer DOB) or input previously unregistered swimmer. Click Continue.
2. The second page, asks for Group. All team members are registered in same Group - "MVP" $25 (discounts for multiple registrants will appear later on the cart page). Click that group and then click Continue.
3. The third page asks for Parent/Guardian Information on top, followed by any secondary contact, and finally swimmer info. If you registered last year, you will be happy to see that much of the required information is already populated into the form. Please check to assure that all info is current and correct {IMPORTANT: DESELECT signups for "Free Newsletters" (Active Offers, Local Events, Active Insider) if they are pre-selected. These are Active email products unaffiliated with the MVP Gators. Again, the magazines and other benefits offered later in the process are not a part of registration; just ignore unless you really want to buy them. If you don't deselect you are buying them and we cannot be responsible for any refunds which must be done thru ACTIVE.}  Now, back to the form - if you wish for another parent or caregiver to ALSO RECEIVE GATOR EMAILS DURING THE SEASON, you must ADD SECONDARY CONTACT and provide name and email address. Continue input/checking of all form information. When you get to swimmer's name, a few IMPORTANT notes: a) make sure it is the name that your child actually uses, e.g. if your child's name is Jimmy John, but he actually goes by "JJ", please use "JJ"; b) if your child has a two-name name, e.g. Sallie Mae, please put it in without the space as "SallieMae"; and c) EVERYONE should check the box that says "no middle name" (even if they have a middle name!) that helps us in manipulating the data for B-Meet cards - the middle name is irrelevant to us and actually gets in the way when we are working with data in Hy-Tek, but unfortunately Active will not allow us to simply not make it a required field but only indicate no middle name with a check box. (If you have difficulties following these swimmer name guidelines because of what is already populated in the system, no worries; this all just saves us having to make all these changes for every registrant in Hy-Tek once it is imported.) Toward the bottom of the form, please indicate your interested areas of volunteering or even if you just want to ask what is involved in a particular volunteer opportunity be sure to check it so that your name and contact info goes to that coordinator. If you are registering multiple swimmers, please only indicate your volunteer choices on the FIRST registered (that makes for less cleanup on our part of getting your info to the right coordinators). And again, IMPORTANT: DESELECT signups for "Free Newsletters" (Active Offers, Local Events, Active Insider) if they are pre-selected throughout the process. These are Active email products unaffiliated with the MVP Gators. At the bottom of the page, click both boxes for waivers and put in initials for electronic signature. Once all information on page is complete, click Continue.
4. This will bring you to the fourth page, the cart. If you have additional swimmers in the family to register, DO NOT CHECK OUT yet, but instead click the "Add Another Registration" link in blue above and to the right of your cart info. This will take you back to the first page, where you will repeat the entire process for a second registrant. Repeat for any additional registrants. When you finish all family registrants, the swimmers' names and all proper discounts should appear in the cart. Then, and only then, you may complete your purchase by providing either credit card or check info. We can not be responsible for discounts you miss by not following these guidelines.
5. Once checked out, you will get a confirmation window that says "Thanks for Registering" and offers up other Active products, again not affiliated with MVP Gators or required for registration. DO NOT CHECK highlighted box that you have "read and understand, blah, blah." If you do, you are purchasing the additional Active products. Instead, simply click the grey "No Thanks" box at the bottom of the page.
6. Registration should now be complete and you will then see a page indicating such. Please make sure that you complete the ENTIRE PROCESS to assure that you are registered. You will receive an emailed confirmation/receipt of your order. (Be sure to check spam folders as well.)  You will also receive separate emails welcoming each swimmer that you register (this may take a few minutes). If you do not receive these emails, then your registration was not completed and you need to go back into the system and finish (likely a payment issue). Thanks and we will hopefully see you at Gator Gear Up on Sunday, May 19th*.

Thank you for reading ALL of the instructions. You may now proceed to the registration portal to register:

     *If you are unable to attend Gator Gear Up, all remaining items will be available at the Pasta Dinner the evening before Time Trials.