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About Franklin on the Huon

Nancy is moored at 3337 Huon Highway in historic Franklin, which sits on the banks of the Huon River in southeast Tasmania (see the map here). Once this was an important port at the head of the navigable river, exporting timber and agricultural produce (those famous apples) to the world, and building boats. That last tradition continues: Nancy is part of a large (and increasing) fleet of wooden boats built and repaired at the Wooden Boat Centre and Living Boat Trust. Read more about Franklin here.

About the Living Boat Trust

The Nancy is a motor launch built in 1917 at Battery Point (Hobart). She operated as a ferry (and as a flying boat tender) on the Derwent and Huon rivers for almost 40 years. Martin Krynen completed a major restoration of the Nancy in 2010. In an act of wonderful generosity he gifted her to the Living Boat Trust at Franklin so that she can once again be enjoyed, cruising the waters of the Huon. Read more about Nancy here. The Nancy Interest Group (the Nancy Fanciers) have their own web page here.

About the 'Nancy'

About Hiring and Excursions

Nancy is available for group bookings at a cost of $35 per person ($30 concession, $20 child under 16) or $200 per group (minimum of 6) for a one and a half hour excursion. Normal times are 1.30pm, Tuesday and Sunday: other times by arrangement. Payment is by cash or credit card on the day. Check the calendar (below) for clashes, then use this form to request a booking (to be confirmed), or call The Living Boat Trust on 04977 86572.

The Huon River at Franklin, dotted with islands, with a 'secret lagoon', and overlooked by the Sleeping Beauty range, is a spectacular location for excursions on the water. Visitors can expect to see vistas of both craggy mountains and of the mellow hill country of the Huon Valley, historic reminders of the glory days of this old district, and wildlife enjoying the unique mix of swamp and bushland. See the brochure for more details.

NOTE: Nancy is not wheelchair accessible.

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Mail: P.O. Box 79, Franklin, Tas 7113

Address: 3337 Huon Hwy, Franklin, Tasmania

Phone: 04977 86572 or (03) 6266 3082

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The Living Boat Trust (LBT) is an incorporated non-profit association based in Franklin. We aim to maintain traditional boat building, repairing, rowing and sailing skills, and to be a vital part of our community. We celebrate the history and beauty of this area and strive for a sustainable way of life for all concerned. Read more about how the volunteers of the Living Boat Trust maintain and run Nancy here.