I'm a Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor in the USA) in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cyprus (UCY). I direct the Laboratory for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (LAND) and am a faculty member of the Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN) at UCY. My interests and expertise span multiple disciplines (psychology, neuroscience, genomics, data science, machine learning, computational biology, bioinformatics, neuroendocrinology) and are all applied in a translational research program focused on understanding heterogeneity and early developmental mechanisms involved in autism and atypical neurodevelopment.   

I did my undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of California, Davis and shortly after worked as a postgraduate researcher at both the UC Davis MIND Institute and UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain. I then moved to the University of Cambridge and obtained my PhD in the Department of Psychiatry at the Autism Research Centre with Prof Simon Baron-Cohen. I continued in Cambridge after the PhD, with post-doctoral fellowship funding from Jesus College, Cambridge and the British Academy

Research interests:  autism, neurodevelopmental disorders, heterogeneity, individual differences, computational psychiatry, precision medicine, data science, fetal programming, social and affective neuroscience, social communication, social cognition, emotion, mentalizing, theory of mind, empathy, sex/gender, brain development, steroid hormones, genomics, transcriptomics, network science, bioinformatics

Here is a link to my Google Scholar Profile, which has links, citation counts, and other relevant information regarding my work.

Here is my ResearchGate profile.

Prospective students, PhD applicants, and post-docs interested in working with me should contact me directly (lombardo at ucy dot ac dot cy OR mvlombardo at gmail dot com). I'm looking for driven independent thinking individuals with a good level of experience and/or grasp of the field of autism research.  Expertise in other fields like social and affective neuroscience, neuroimaging methods, genomics, systems biology, bioinformatics are also a plus.  Advanced computational skills (e.g., coding skills in R, Python, and/or MATLAB, advanced statistical background, machine learning, data science) are also highly valued and essential.   

Here are a some representative articles/reviews illustrating my area of research/interests:

General Review on Autism

Heterogeneity in Autism

Sex and Sex-Related Mechanisms

Hormone Effects

Fetal Programming

Mentalizing and Self-Referential Cognition

Language and Social Communication

Transcriptomics and Systems Biology

Neuroimaging Methods