Student Science Demonstrations

Where to find the demonstrations:

 Room Demonstrations     Supervising Teacher
 More Info
 NM301 Chemistry         

 Mrs. Harpel/ Mrs. Ware
 NM 302 Environmental Science

  Ms. Krueger
 NM 303 Kids room    
 Mr. Harpel
 NM 304 Physics     Mr. Engman
 NM 305 Forensic Science
 Ms. Farren
 NM 306 Anatomy Mrs. Coulson
 NM 307 Marine Biology    
 Mrs. Brooks
 NM 308 Geology - The Rock Room
 Mr. Long
 NM 320     Makers Fair
 Ms. Thornburgh
 NM 321    
 Fun with Math
 Ms. Keen
 cafeteria Robotics     Mr. Criner
 Ag Shop      
 Planetarium Planetarium Shows
free tickets in cafeteria
 Mr. Sullivan
Softball FieldsRocket Launching


Chemistry Room

Science night really is fun for ALL ages!

more FIRE in the chemistry room!

The Anatomy Room

The student experts in the demo rooms explain the demonstrations!  Here's your chance to learn more about the brain!

How often do you get to touch a lung?