All-in-one Roadbook Holder Concept

Roadbook Overview

Why using the new All-in-one Roadbook?

+ Very easy mounting -> only connect 12V Supply, Wheel Sensor, Remote
+ Synthetically housing material - crash safe!
+ Industrial connector IP68!
+ Gear motor inside - crash safe!
+ Cable harness inside - saves a lot of work!
+ Power supply for gps and iritrack
+ More papper space as other roadbooks
+ Reinforced power train like md and migtech roadbooks
+ Modern design of the compact housing
+ Small size: 190x180x85mm
+ Very light: 870g

This product is only a concept. At the moment we dont produce this product.

Roadbook with Paper

Roadbook paper rolls up to 54mm diameter and 150mm wide

Roadbook with anti reflexion cover

Anti Reflexion Cover

Roadbook side view left
CNC Machined Manual Knops

Roadbook side view right
Very slim Design