Welcome to 2019 Mountain View Babe Ruth!

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Our Babe Ruth program strives to teach the basic skills of baseball along with mental and physical development and a respect for the rules of the game with an emphasis on basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play.

Fundamentally, we believe that every youngster with a desire to learn and play baseball should be offered the opportunity.  Babe Ruth provides programs for players ages 12 through 18, supporting the growth and competitive needs of our baseball community along with the convenience of being right here in our own backyard.

2019 Early Spring Prep League (March 15 – May 5)
Prior to the 13-15's regular Spring season, MVBR is offering a Prep League for everyone not actively participating on a high school baseball team. The Prep League is open to all who will be 12, 13, 14 and 15-years-old as of May 1, 2019.  There are no tryouts involved in this preseason play.  This is a great opportunity to introduce younger players to playing on a full-sized diamond in order to help their development.  The focus will be instructional with the intent of preparing players for the upcoming MVBR Spring season, as well as for their possible future high school participation. The Shoreline Athletic Field will be the location for the Prep League games and practices.  Teams will play games twice a week and practice once a week.

$350.00 for 2018 Fall Ball participants
2019 13-15’s Spring League (May – June)
All players NEW to MVBR must attend one of the tryouts listed below.

Each new player will be drafted onto one of the existing MVBR league teams on Sunday, April 28.

From mid-May through mid-June each team will compete in at least 15 league games (2-3 per week) at the Shoreline Athletic Field, followed by a highly competitive end-of-season playoff tournament that will crown a new 2019 MVBR champion.

Immediately after, the All Star Tournament season begins in late June/early July.  Players are selected by merit to participate on each age group's team with the first tournament being the District 6 Championship where MVBR contends against teams from Bel-Mateo and Palo Alto.  MVBR will host the 13-Year-Olds’ District 6 Tournament at the Shoreline Athletic Field.  Bel-Mateo will welcome the 14's at the Belmont Sports Complex, and Palo Alto will host the 15's at Baylands Park, Palo Alto.  Afterward, the winners of each age group move on to the State Tournament followed by Regional competition and finally the Babe Ruth World Series that concludes in early to mid-August (all dates and venues to be determined).

Any player whose birthday is between May 1, 2003 and April 30, 2006 is eligible for MVBR 13-15's League competition.
2019 13-15’s Spring League Tryout Dates for New Players
For the upcoming 13-15’s Spring Season, there will be 3 tryout dates to be held at 
the Shoreline Athletic Field (2450 Garcia Avenue, Mountain View):

Saturday, April 20 . . . . 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Sunday, April 21 . . . . . 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursday, April 25 . . . .6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Returning 14 and 15-year-old players do not need to tryout.

The regular season 13-15-year-old league draft of teams will take place on Sunday, April 28.  Registration fees include insurance coverage, a team hat and jersey that each player will keep.

Cost: $275.00
$250.00 for 2018 Fall Ball participants
2019 16-18 Senior League (Mid-May to Mid-July)
This 16-18 Senior Babe Ruth season is a fast and furious, highly competitive 6-7 weeks. Immediately after the conclusion of the high school season, the plan is to have one MVBR Senior team participate.  However, that number may increase depending upon the number of registrants. There will be 10-15 league games in late May and June against other Senior teams from nearby localities.  Depending on qualification, there will be a weekend State Tournament beginning July 6 (subject to change) and a Regional Tournament on July 18 (subject to change) with venues to be determined.

Any player born prior to May 1, 2003 and on or after January 1, 2000 will be eligible for Babe Ruth 16-18 League competition.  Any player born in 2000, 2001 and 2002 is eligible for the Babe Ruth 16-18 Division.  Players born in January, February, March and April of 2003 must also play in the 16-18 Division.

2019 16-18 Senior League Tryout Date
The MVBR Senior League program had an outstanding response 
this past 2018 season with 35-40 players participating.

The Senior League tryout will be held at the Shoreline Athletic Field
Sunday, May 5 . . . . 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Cost: $300.00

2019 Fall Ball Season
The MVBR Fall Ball season will be open to all 2019 13 and 14-year-old players plus 12-year-old players who plan to participate in the MVBR 13-15's regular season in Spring 2020.  Fall Ball is an informal instructional league with games that are played from Labor Day weekend through mid-November.  Games are played strictly on the weekends and traditionally include contests against the other Babe Ruth District 6 teams from Palo Alto and Bel-Mateo.  The cost will be minimal, under $200.  More registration information will be forthcoming later in 2019.

Northwest Bakersfield Wins 2018 Pacific Southwest Region 16-18 Tournament

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2018 Pacific Southwest Region 16-18 Tournament
Thursday, July 19 to Monday, July 23
Baylands Athletic Center, Palo Alto and The Kings Academy, Sunnyvale
Hosted by Mountain View Babe Ruth
Congratulations to Central California (Northwest Bakersfield)
2018 Pacific Southwest Region Champions
and Good Luck in the 2018 Babe Ruth 16-18 World Series
2018 Pacific Southwest Region Champions

Tournament MVPs
Cory Blackburn and Jalen Smith,  Central California (Northwest Bakersfield)

Sportsmanship Award
Tyler Georgeson, Northern California (Washington Manor)

Pacific Southwest Region Babe Ruth


Thursday, July 19 @ Baylands Athletic Center, Palo Alto
Game 1:  Southern California (Heartwell) - 2      Northern California (Washington Manor) - 8
Game 2:  Central California (NW Bakersfield) - 9     Utah (Eagle Mountain) - 1

Friday, July 20 @ Baylands Athletic Center, Palo Alto
Game 3: Nevada (South Lake Tahoe)--3  NorCal (Host/Mountain View)--5  (9 innings)
Game 4: Utah (Bingham)  4  NorCal (Washington Manor)  7

Saturday, July 21 @ The Kings Academy, Sunnyvale
Game 5: 
Utah (Eagle Mountain)  7  NorCal (Host/Mountain View)  1
Game 7: Utah (Bingham)  8   Utah (Eagle Mountain) 7    (8 Innings)

Saturday, July 21 @ Baylands Athletic Center, Palo Alto
Game 6:
Central California (NW Bakersfield) 11   Nevada (South Lake Tahoe)  2
Game 8: Southern California (Heartwell)  2   Nevada (South Lake Tahoe)  4

Sunday, July 22 @ The Kings Academy, Sunnyvale
Game 10: 
Utah (Bingham)  1   Nevada (South Lake Tahoe)  2
Game 9:
  Northern California (Washington Manor)  3   Central California (NW Bakersfield)  8
Game 11: 
Northern California (Washington Manor)  10   Nevada (South Lake Tahoe)  4  (9 innings)
Monday, July 23 @ Baylands Athletic Center, Palo Alto
Game 12: 
Northern California (Washington Manor)  1   Central California (NW Bakersfield)   11

Fifteen Players Named to 2018 13-15 All Star Team

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The following players will be representing Mountain View Babe Ruth in the District 13-15 All-Star competition:

Jamie Braun
Nathan Bonofilio
Eric Burton
James Coogan
Colby Cook
John Hart 
Luke Jennings
Andrew Lopez  
Gilbert Murillo
John O'Sullivan
Tyler Penrod
Tyler Saw
Charles Sirey
Brock Susko
Jefferey Taylor

2018 Season Summary

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Regular Season

Champions: Colonial
2nd place : Helming’s
3rd place : Eagles
4th place : IOOF


6/19/2018    Tues    5:00    Game 1    Eagles      Colonial    Eagles forfeit
6/19/2018    Tues    7:30    Game 2    Helmings    IOOF        IOOF 6—Helming’s 2
6/21/2018    Thurs   5:00    Game 3    Eagles      Helmings    Eagles forfeit
6/21/2018    Thurs   7:30    Game 4    Colonial    IOOF        Colonial 6--IOOF 4
6/23/2018    Sat     1:00     Game 5    Helmings    IOOF        Helming’s 5--IOOF1
6/24/2018    Sun     12:00   Game 6    Colonial    Helmings    Colonial 2—Helming’s 1

Cooper Loeffler Selected 2018 MVBR Callahan Award Winner

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Cooper Loeffler was selected as the recipient of the 2018 Mountain View Babe Ruth Baseball Callahan Award. Each year one player receives the award in recognition of their "Sportsmanship and Hustle” and for being “A Player That Each Coach Would Want To Have On Their Team.”

Cooper Loeffler

Logan Loeffler Named 2017 MVBR Callahan Award Winner

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Logan Loeffler was selected as the recipient of the 2017 Mountain View Babe Ruth Baseball Callahan Award. Each year one player receives the award in recognition of their :Sportsmanship and Hustle” and for being “A Player That Each Coach Would Want To Have On Their Team.”

Logan Loeffler


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Passage to the 2018 Seniors National Babe Ruth World Series will require a trek through Mountain View Babe Ruth

The journey includes competition at the 2018 Babe Ruth Northern California State Tournament July 07 through July 14, 2018

MVBR will be sending 2 teams, location TBD With the winner advancing to the 2018 Babe Ruth Seniors Western Regional Tournament July 19 through July 24, 2018 Hosted by MVBR, Victory ensures the opportunity to challenge in the ultimate final destination . . . .

2018 Babe Ruth Seniors World Series to be held in New York early August, time, location TBD Everyone is encourage to try-out, All-Star teams will be form at end of season for the opportunity to represent MVBR at the State and Regional level

Colonial Wins 2017 Regular Season and Playoffs

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Colonial Mortuary won the Mountain View Babe Ruth regular season with a 15-1 record, then survived a forced if-necessary game by the Eagles, to win the playoffs and the 2017 MVBR League Championship.

This was the last league game which will be played at McKelvey Ballpark before it undergoes major renovations.

2017 Final Standings
 Team WL T
 Colonial 15 1 0
 Eagles 9 7 0
 Goetz 6 9 1
 IOOF 5 9 2
 Helmings 3 12 1

2017 League Playoffs

Game 1 -- Tuesday, June 20, 2017
#4 IOOF 7   #5 Helmings 4

Game 2 -- Thursday, June 22, 2017
#2 Eagles 4    #3 Goetz 3 (9 innings)

Game 3 -- Friday, June 23, 2017
#1 Colonial 11   #4 IOOF 2

Game 4 -- Championship Game -- Saturday, June 24, 2017
#1 Colonial  1   #2 Eagles  7

Game 5 -- Championship Game #2 -- Saturday, June 24, 2017
#1 Colonial  7   #2 Eagles  3

2016 District 6 Tournament Summaries

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District 6, 13 Year Old All Star Tournament
MVBR, McKelvey Park, Mountain View

06-30-16   Thurs   7:00 pm   Bel-Mateo  5
  Palo Alto  15
  Game 1
07-01-16   Fri   7:00 pm   Palo Alto  12
  Mountain View  6
  Game 2
07-02-16   Sat   2:00 pm   Bel-Mateo 0
  Mountain View  1
  Game 3
07-02-16   Sun   1:00 pm   Palo Alto  10
  Mountain View  0
  Game 4
Congratulations to Palo Alto, District 6 13 Year Old Champions!

District 6, 14 Year Old All Star Tournament
BMBR, Belmont Sport Complex

06-28-16   Wed   7:00pm   Mountain View  4
Palo Alto  9   Game 1
06-30-16   Thurs   7:00pm   Bel-Mateo  0
Palo Alto  10
  Game 2
07-01-16   Fri   7:00pm   Mountain View  1
Bel-Mateo  9
  Game 3
07-02-16   Sat   10:00am   Palo Alto  14
Bel-Mateo  2
  Game 4
Congratulations to Palo Alto, District 6 14 Year Old Champions!

District 6, 15 Year Old All Star Tournament
PABR, Baylands Athletic Center

06-29-16   Wed   5:00pm Bel-Mateo Red  9
  Bel-Mateo Blue  7
  Game 1
06-29-16   Wed   8:00pm Palo Alto  0
  MVBR  2
  Game 2
06-30-16   Thurs   5:00pm Bel-Mateo Blue  5
  Palo Alto  4
  Game 3
06-30-16   Thurs   8:00pm Bel-Mateo Red  4
  Mountain View  1
  Game 4
07-01-16   Fri   7:00pm Bel-Mateo Blue  7
  Mountain View  10
  Game 5
07-02-16   Sat   11:00am Bel-Mateo Red  1
  Mountain View  6
  Game 6
07-02-16   Sat   2:00pm Bel-Mateo Red  2
  Mountain View  10
  Game 7
Congratulations to Mountain View, District 6 15 Year Old Champions!

MVBR 15s Battle Back From Losers Bracket to Take District 6 Championship The Hard Way!

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2016 District 6 15 Year Old Champions
Back row:  Coach Jeff Brush, George Fisher, Max Soria, John Andrade, Nate Cardoso, Noah Thurm, Coach Rick Moore Sr. Bottom row: Zach Chow, Caleb Charonnet, Michael Capote, Johnny Young, Ryan Baum, CJ Roulo. Missing:  Coach Joseph Perez, Manager Rickey Moore Jr. Players Zach Espiritu and Cole Baker

District 6 a5 Year Old Bracket

In the 13 year old tournament held at McKelvy Park, Mountain View finished second to winner Palo Alto.  In the 14 year old tournament at Belmont Sports Complex, Mountain View finished third, behind first place Palo Alto, and second place Bel-Mateo.

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