Technology, Video Games, Music, Aviation and Hockey geek
Mr. Vange has nearly 30 years of experience as a technologist and entrepreneur. As a teenager he founded his first company, Vanguard Consulting, and was already breaking new ground innovating technologies for major corporate customers like Global Television and Ontario Hydro but he really found his stride in the video game industry as one of the earliest innovators in multiplayer entertainment.

Mr. Vange founded Gemsoft in 1991 and pioneered the use of Russian game developers. Gemsoft built up a portfolio of intellectual property, particularly in the flight simulation and network games arena and was acquired by VR-1 in 1995.

As VR-1's CTO, Mr. Vange lead the development of a unique network technology used to facilitate massively multiplayer online (“MMO”) games over the Internet and helped guide the company to becoming the world’s largest providers of online games infrastructure and technologies, serving customers such as Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Time-Warner Cable, British Telecom, Docomo, Samsung, American Online, Bertelsmann and Sony Networks. The technology has flourished and is now also being used for military and homeland security applications by Circadence Corporation, VR-1’s former parent company. 

In 2004 Mr. Vange began the work that ultimately led to the founding of Mobile Post Production. Through the creation of novel tools and processes that allow for the cost effective and rapid porting of applications between various mobile telephony platforms, Mr. Vange professionalized what was then an ad-hoc business and helped create an entire industry. As CEO and then EVP of MPP, Mr. Vange led the company to becoming the world’s largest provider of such services.  
After the acquisition of Mobile Post Production by Electronic Arts in the spring of 2011, Mark served as Vice President at EA where he was first CTO of EA Interactive, responsible for all mobile and social games, later expanding his focus to encompass digital delivery across all platforms, the development of business opportunities and strategies for new platforms and security throughout the organization.Mr. Vange has authored some 18 patents and has contributed to the publication of several hundred products over his career. He has also been an advisor to several private and public companies, and a number of investment funds.

Mark is now engaged in helping expand several early- to mid-stage companies somewhere in the confluence of Advisor, Executive, CTO, Board member and Angel Investor.