Teresa Zuchowicz


I would like to contribute my talents and skills to benefit your educational institution and pupils. Since last year my opportunity to teach was very limited because of lack of the job openings. Nevertheless I was able to tech small number of piano students and assisted vocal students as accompanist. Having master grade in music and over 20 years experience in teaching piano, recorder, piano accompaniment and music theory my objective remains to access more students to use my education and talents for the benefits of society. I am a citizen of Iceland since 2004.


Master of Art grade with very good result. 1984-1989

Academy of Music, Gdansk, Poland. There were in depth understanding of music theory, harmony, music structure and interpretation but also piano playing and chamber music. Apart of this there were numerous subjects preparing alumni to teach as sociology, psychology and methodology. Special subjects were directly dedicated to music teaching methods.

Proficiency diploma in Piano playing 1972-1984

In the period of 12 years there were all the disciplines pertaining to music general education, music theory and piano mastery. Diploma of professional piano player was obtained with very good result.

Experience and Previous Jobs

Christ the King Cathedral Reykjavik, kantor

Cantor position, choir directing and liturgical playing. managing concerts and all church events in ao-operation with catholic bishop of Iceland.

Music School of Neskaupstadur, Church of Neskaupstadur, East Iceland 2011-2012

Piano teacher, in school, organist and choir conductor in church.

School of Singing "Domus Vox" 2010-2011

Accompanist and voice training.

Píanóskóli Þorsteins Gauta 2010-2011

Piano tutoring and preparation for official exams and concerts during the school year.

Teresa Barbara Zuchowicz

Tónlistarskóli Vopnafjarðar 1992–1995, 1997 - 2010

Piano tutor, accompanist, recorder and ensembles' management. At the same time Teresa was an accompanist for he mixed choir.

Rindal Musikskole 1995-1997

Piano teacher.

Tónlistarmenntaskóli Gdansk 1989-1992

Ear training teacher, accompanist.

Recording Studio Academy of Music of Gdansk 1988-1989

Audio librarian, sound engineer.


Teresa is particularly approachable and straightforward teacher with great understanding of the needs of the student. Large experience provides long proven methods and repertoire selection to great benefit and progress of the student. She uses newest technologies and her ability to transcribe music requested by students. Teresa is very conscientious and punctual.

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