Organist Profile

I started playing church organ at the age of 17 with the piano training background and immediately i found it the job of my life. Wherever I went I always tried to find an organist work in the area. I listen to and play a lot of organ music. In the years 1995-1997 I had a regular training in Norway to obtain Organist II grade, which is second from the top title for organists in Norway. I enjoy writing music for organ as well and wrote number of music pieces for Director of Church Music of Iceland. My music was awarded in 1999 during the contest for liturgical hymn. I also possess a skill of organ improvisation that is valuable during church services. I use organ performance during concerts as well.


Church organist Vopnafjörður 2005, 2007-2010

Performing full size organ in the main church.

Church organist in rindal and Forsand church, 1995-1997

I played rather big, romantic organ in Rindal (near Trondheim) and then in the south or Norway in Forsand near Stavanger. Along I was working in a software company on computer program supporting liturgy and broaden my skills as an organist to obtain an Organist II title.

Church organist, 1992-present day, Skeggjastaðir, Saudanes, þörshöfn, svalbarð

Main organist job in the recent years connected with the choir conducting. It is good to point out that Organ in the church of Þörsöfn provides full size organ with radial pedals so it is possible to practice serious organ repertoire.

SUBSTITUTE Church organist 1982-1984

First organist job as a supporting organist, playing in number of churches in my home town.

Apart of organ I actively play piano, violin and cello. Organ is the most enjoyable instrument. I look forward playing the instrument in your church.