Choirmaster Profile

To me, most rewarding and exciting part of the organist job is rehearsing the choir on systematic basis. After over 20 years experience I worked out methods of training for both experienced members of the choir and beginners with limited knowledge of the musical notation. Apart of the traditional training at the rehearsals I provide training materials both on the CD or DVD and online. Finally I already made over hundred arrangements of the music especially tailored for the choir’s abilities. I am as well an author of the original compositions for both church and secular choirs that are performed in Iceland and abroad.

For mass performances I provide detailed printed form with all musical items in musical notation and, if requested, I can provide laying out mass form leaflets for the church guests.


CHOIR MASTER at Skeggjastaðakirkja, SAUDANES, 1992-present day

From the start I got to know well Icelandic Church liturgy and set of hymns and choir training. I found it particularly rewarding work from the very beginning and work with the choir memebers very suitable.

Choirmaster Vopnafjörður, 2005, 2007-present day

Good experience with more challenges - where lower number of memers requires special music arrangements and special care for training as well as starting to cooperate with minister that just got started.

Choirmaster Rindal and Forsand in Norway, 1995-1997

That was one another great experience in Norway while I was trained as an organist at the same time. I got to know norwegian liturgy for both Nynorsk and Bokmal and worked with 2 choirs. A the similar time I was engaged in development of the computer software for arranging liturgy for both Norwegian and Swedish marked, cooperating with highest ranked organists in Norway and Sweden.

Choirmaster, accompanist, Samkór vopnafjarðar 1992-2006

Initially I was just and accompanist and then after training in Norway I became conductor of that choir. It was the opportunity to get to know rich tradition of music making in Iceland. I was both arranging and writing new music pieces for the choir and arranged concert trips.

Choirmaster, conductor at UNiversity of Gdansk Choir,1989-1992

First full time choir conducting and rehearsing job with this exquisite choir was a good and fundamental experience how to manage training and planning concert tours.

Soloist vocalist, 1985-1989

First as a trainee then as a member of the world renowned Schola Cantorum Gedanensis I went detailed training and got vocal experience as a singer. Taking part in hundreds of concerts in Europe and award winning contests was a great experience.

Alltogether in the past 20 years I had invaluable possibilities to work with number of choirs mostly in church. I find it particularly enjoyable to work with the choirs in Iceland.