Mút tiêu âm cách âm chuyên dụng trong trang trí phòng cách âm

Ultrasonic pyramid insulation is the type of foam foam is produced on the latest technology imported from Germany to Vietnam. 

With the increasing demand for sound insulation of customers. Our factory has diversified in terms of specifications as well as the color of the pyramid style to meet the strictest requirements of customers. In addition, the patterns are cut on the surface of the sound insulation. We also diversify the color of the sound insulation to help customers choose the color and the different cross-section for the needs of construction sound insulation depending on the nature of work of each person.

Multi-color pyramid-shaped pyramid finish

Pyramid style is commonly used: 1.6mx 2m x 50mm.

However, we can accept machining of different sizes according to customer's demand in large quantity. The common colors of pyramid-sound insulation are gold, white, black. In addition to help customers There are more choices of color products Python Sonic we accept the color of red, green, blue, purple, cafe, gray to help you have more creative options. The room you want to apply sound insulation.

Advantages of pyramid sound insulation products are very durable, easy to transport, easy to cut while you want to apply sound insulation . Moreover, these pyramid-shaped sound insulation is non-toxic and does not affect the health of the consumers.

Application: pyramid type sound insulation is widely used in the construction of sound insulation for meeting room, studio, bedroom, karaoke sound insulation, sound bar, rock play room ...

With the strength in production, we are committed to bring you quality products at the lowest prices in HCM.


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