AK System

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Latest Revision is 2.12.


*Change AKMode*

I judge the change of AKMode whether there are two following skin files.  

If there is 'cross.bmp' & 'tick.bmp' of the 10x10 pixel, I become two 'AceKard 'modes. If there is not it, it is a 'AKR.P.G' mode.
10x10ピクセルの'cross.bmp' & 'tick.bmp' が存在すれば、
'AceKard 2'モードになります。なければ'AKR.P.G'モードです。

A cheat window is displayed when I push the Xbutton with the 'AceKard 2' mode.
'AceKard 2'モードでは、Xボタンを押すことでチート画面を表示することができます。

On the contrary, the save type setting window does not appear.


*Copy Custom Picture* 

1. load copy BMP file.

2. input your copy folder, file name( To DoubleClick, Open the SaveDialog.)

3. Input your Copy Drive Letter,  and select NAND or microSD.

4. Apply Button Click ( when 'show=1',  maybe show UpperScreen )

4. Copy Button Click.

                     * If CopyBMP size is over<86 x 59>,                              *
                     *             real AKMenu can not show the custom picture. *





Q:When Skin loaded, trouble the same image.  image here
A:Click selected Button  image here