Hello all!
I've been costuming at this point for over 10 years, have made far more costumes than I should have, and picked up a number of awards in the process. I also really enjoy writing, for reasons that are somewhat unclear.  For this reason, a bit back, I decided to create a blog to chronicle some of my tips, hints, tutorials, and just general feelings about sewing, costuming, and fashion.
Fast forward a few months, and I have more articles on, say, making shoulders out of thermoplastics than I know what to do with.  I love the blog format as it is really easy to update.  But hate it in that I can never find the article that I am looking for when I want to duplicate what I did.  (Did I leave that post in July? Or was it May?)
So, I am going to slowly start gathering the articles and listing them here by category (i.e. tutorial vs. article, what I am making, what level, etc.)  Newer blog posts, as well as personal ones, will still appear first at  BUT, after a month or so, I will try to archive here for easier access.
Eventually I may even try to make these pages pretty.  Snazzy, huh?  :)