09:00 -- OpeningSlides.

09:05 -- Keynote

  • Paul Ammann “Transforming Mutation Testing from the Technology of the Future into the Technology of the Present”, Slides.
10:10 -- Paper Session1 (1 paper)
  • Pei Gong, Ruilian Zhao and Zheng Li, “Faster Mutation-based Fault Localization With A Novel Mutation Execution StrategySlides.
10:30 -- Break

11:00 -- Paper Session2 (5 papers)
  • Jay Nanavati, Fan Wu, Mark Harman, Yue Jia and Jens Krinke, “Mutation Testing of Memory-Related OperatorsSlides.
  • Lin Deng, Nariman Mirzaei, Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt, “Towards Mutation Analysis of Android AppsSlides.
  • Matthew Patrick and Yue Jia, “Kernel Density Adaptive Random Testing”, Slides.
  • Paolo Arcaini, Angelo Gargantini, Elvinia Riccobene and Paolo Vavassori, “Rehabilitating equivalent mutants as static anomaly detectors in software artifactsSlides.
  • Nan Li, Michael West, Anthony Escalona and Vinicius Durelli, “Mutation Testing in Practice using Ruby”, Slides.

12:30 -- Lunch

14:00 -- Discussion and Best paper Award
  • Discussion panel “What makes a successful tool, how do we measure the tool effectiveness and how do we bridge the gap between research and industry tools?
            Panel members:
                    Jeff OffuttGeorge Mason University, USA, Slides.
                    Yue Jia, University College London, UK, Slides.
                    Mark HarmanUniversity College London, UK, Slides. 
  • Best paper Award
15:00 -- Break

15:30 -- Paper Session3 (4 papers)
  • Robert Kurtz, Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt, “Static Analysis of Mutant SubsumptionSlides.
  • Javier Troya, Alexander Bergmayr, Loli Burgueño and Manuel Wimmer, “Systematic Mutations for and with ATL Model Transformations”, Slides.
  • Birgitta Lindström, Sten F Andler, Jeff Offutt, Paul Pettersson and Daniel Sundmark, “Mutating Aspect-Oriented Models to Test Cross-Cutting ConcernsSlides.
  • Rafael A. P. Oliveira, Emil Alégroth, Zebao Gao and Atif Memon Definition and Evaluation of Mutation Operators for GUI-level Mutation Analysis”, Slides.
17:00 -- End of Program

18:30 -- Social dinner offered by CREST.