....a place to put stuff

                                                          when no other place, or stuff, will do....

 As you will by now no doubt be aware, this is quite simply a place in which to put stuff.

The definition of stuff is quite vague, so is the definition of place.  Stuff could be anything, as we are online this can safely be assumed to be digital stuff, but does this make it any clearer?  Digital stuff could still be almost anything.  As for place, well this is obviously not a physical place, not in any dimension I've ever visited, but rather an online storage area, is it really a place?  On the other hand we could be talking about the physical location of the drive on which the magnetised material storing this data (this stuff if you will) is stored.  If this sounds simple, it's not, for here we are dealing with the almighty Google.  Google's servers share the load of holding files, and the drives within them share the load.  All of this is redundancy, if a drive goes down, the data is still here, if a whole server does, it's still here, so it's everywhere and nowhere.  

So, welcome to my everywhere, to store everything!  I will endeavour to put everything here, but I fear that I may only be able to manage something - something, somewhere.

        Enjoy the stuff...

Links to various bits of stuff:

Ubuntu Scripts:
Here are the various scripts I have made for Ubuntu Linux, they do various useful things.