YPT - State of Texas Requirements - Classroom Only

Mustang District is conducting APPROVED Classroom-Based BSA Youth Protection at the locations and dates specified.
As with all training, ALL classes in ALL districts, or sponsored by SHAC, are considered open to anyone who wished to attend the training.

The Mustang District Training Chair has coordinated for the use of a facility that can accommodiate regularly scheduled class of 50 participants, two evenings a week for the remainder of March, and all of April and May.
We have received approval from the SHAC Training Chair to conduct the following sessions listed below in the calendar summary on the right - Select the hyperlink next to the time for the details of each event that will include a "map" link to help you navigate to each facility.
On the right you will find the list of approved Mustand District facilitators for this training.
At the bottom of the page you will see a tabled of the training sessions, along with the name of the facilitators.  For safety, we will require that at least two faciltators are available for each session.
I am now seeking commitments from our trained facilators to conduct the training. 

The Process we have to follow to conduct this training:
  1. The SHAC Training Chair will only consider classes submitted by the District Training Chair.
  2. All Mustang District sponsored Classroom-Based BSA Youth Protections must be review and submitted for approval by the Mustang District Training Chair, Pat Whitnel, email mudistricttraining@gmail.com.
  3. If your requrest meets SHAC's requirements for approval, Pat will forward the request from the SHAC Training Chair. Some of the requirements are that:
    1. all training must be open to anyone
    2. training by a facilitator may not be conducted exclusively to a single unit, especially their own unit
  4. Only when the SHAC Training Chair communicates APPROVAL, is the the class considered to be an APPROVED class.
  5. Only APPROVED facilitators may conduct an APPROVED class.
  6. Only APPROVED classess will be recognized if by Mustang District, SHAC, BSA and the State of Texas.
  7. The facilitators also have a specific set of criteria, established by SHAC, BSA and the State of Texas, they must follow in order to conduct and report the APPROVED training.


MUD Approved BSA YPT Classroom-based Training Calendar


Authorized Mustang District Facilitators for State of Texas Classroom-based YPT