F3Web - Search & Download!

F3Web Main Window
F3Web Main Window, click the marked icon (down-right) to open Extensions Manager which lets you manage & update your installed extensions or Plug-ins.
the combo-box at upper left corner let's you use any installed extension, searching varies upon which extension you are using, e.g. some extension
will let you search for a album/music or games and shows you the available downloads (like the extension using here "SeekMP3") and some will show you
available list of downloads & you have to browse & download!.
 Extensions are small & custom made AddOn (.f3x extension) file, which lets F3Web download from more & more web sites.
If you have programming knowledge then you can write your own extension. more info about developing are coming soon...
Extension Manager
Download & Install
Download & install F3Web and update it regularly to get all new updates & new extensions.
This download is coming with three extension Pillage & IndiaFms (experimental, not completed, dont worry u can download from indiafms.com using the site browser) & SeekMP3
I recommend you to check for update for all extensions listen in AddOn Manager (click the icon at the bottom right corner of F3Web main window & click "Update" for each installed extensions) regularly.
You may wonder the extension F3Web Updater is listed in AddOn Manager but you can not use it to download from any site (using the combo box in the upper left side of main window), because this is an extension that enabled F3Web to update itself! .. you know! the software needs update sometime!
Sometime you may get any new extension with it's update so check for update when you have time, although it will sometime notify you to update!
Download F3Web_Windows_All.rar from below & extract the installer using WinRAR and install F3Web, don't forget to update all extension when you start F3Web for the first time (the installer might be backdated)
SeekMP3.f3x is an extension, simply download in to F3Web folder (Default: C:\Program Files\F3Web) to use this extension, it enables you to download from worlds greatest mp3 search engine (forgive the popup ad that might come, the site is hard to fetch)
If you feel any risk of virus then contact (i mean goto) www.virustotal.com
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