My Personal Quotations

-----[][]:::: Allah made us humans, do we deserve it ? ::::[][]-----

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"Truth can never take a sigh of relief until evil keeps on rolling it's deadly ball"

"Life is a battle, whoever wins it, earns a splendid happiness throughout his life"

"Fame and prosperity are the twin sisters of evil"

"For me failure is nothing except a dreadful nightmare which flees before the sun has a chance to get its pant on"

"God made us humans, do we deserve it ?"

"The mental movie that you play inside is the life you live tomorrow"

"An attitude of success attracts success"

"Rehearsing failure in the heart, brings failure to both spiritual and material life,
whereas rehearsing success opens the gateway to the master-world"

"Success is the outcome of thinking, visualizing, planning and taking action"

"Suppose you stand at a crossroad, one way leads to a desert and the other one to lush meadows. I choose meadows, which way do you choose?"

"Success and failure are just like ones grandparents, which teaches an unforgettable lesson"

"Success and failure are two features of a bright and dark world that decides ones destiny"

"Never give up hope, it is the key that leads to success"

"Failure is an honest messenger of success"

"Never desire death for a small boo boo (mistake) despite expect to do best in future, because legends never die"

"What is a sin?..Obviously a part-time job of humans!"

"Move up from dust to sky, spread up true love and joy"

---[]:::: Written and edited by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai ::::[]---