-----[][]:::: Understand the difference ::::[][]-----

Everything that happens has got a message to deliver. The videos below also have some deep reality. If Islam is not a true religion then what do these unusual incidents mean. Why did everything perished but the holy Masjids ( Where Allah is praised and worshiped ) stood alive. Why would God destroy everything and survive the Masjids, a place where we Muslims worship Allah. Allah shows His signs to let you realize who the True God is . West has got several words to speak against Islam but Allah will always be there to safeguard His religion. Abraham, Jesus, Moses, and Mohammad all were amongst His messengers and at the same time His signs but some glorified Allah for His signs while other Started worshiping them. Its only a difference of understanding.The more you disbelieve in the Faith of Allah Subhana watallha the more you will get into surprise.






-----[][]:::: Tsunami, a sign you didn't understand, a sign you under estimated ::::[][]--