You are Fortunate enough to have the opportunaity of Seeing the Most Sacred Things on this Planet. With these pictures you will be able to understand Human History, From Adam (AS) till now more precisely. May Allah's hidayah be upon you.

Rauz e Rasool (SAW)

Abeel, son of Hazrat ADAM (AS)., first grave on earth, in Jordan .

Foot Mark Of Hazrat Adam ( AS ) , In Srilanka First Foot Mark on Earth

Amma Hawa (AS)  in Jeddah

Grave of Hazrat Moosa ( AS ) in Israel

Grave of Hazrat IBRAHIM (AS) , ISRAEL

Hazrat Yahya (AS)

Hazrat Hasan (Rz)

Hazrat Haroon (AS)

Grave of Hazrat Saleh (AS)

Hazrat Zakaria (AS)

Makam E Ibrahim

Grave of Hazrat Lot (AS) in Iraq

Grave of BIBI HALEEMA (RZ), out side Madina

Grave of BIBI AMENA (RZ) , some where outside Macca


Grave of Dawood ( AS ) in Israel

 May you be Christian, Jew or Muslim, We all are bounded to one another through the Holy History written by Almighty God. Brother you may call God with different names but Adam, Abraham, Dawud, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad ( Peace be upon them all ) , called their God saying,


And Verily I bear witness on None But Allah