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About Me

I completed my Bachelor in Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani - Goa Campus. I graduated in September 2009. My Major is in Computer Science & Engineering.

I love to learn new things through experimentation, and hands-on. This led me to work on a number of Projects during college. Check some of them out here. For a list of Publications, visit this site.

What's with this project work?

  • I have a flair for problem solving, research and engineering. Any project-with great amounts of research or hands-on experience excites me and such are the projects I always worked on. I mostly got such chances in the last year of my studies at college and later. I involved myself in a number of projects and learned as much as I could from each one of them. It so happened that the skills acquired in one project were of immediate use in the consecutive project. Hence, I used the skills I picked up to the maximum advantage.
  • I learned about LabVIEW, and Systems Approach to Problem Solving & Development, during PS1 (Practice School-1). I worked on the LabVIEW platform in most subsequent projects, as the graphical nature of the coding speeded my understanding and improved effectiveness in the project. Also used the Systems Approach during event management in QUARK'08. I absolutely love working on LabVIEW, mostly because its graphical programming. I have always laid more emphasis on and understood things better when they were explained visually to me rather than in abstract. I have enjoyed subjects like Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems a lot, as they involved plenty of assignments n concept visual in nature.
  • My PS2 projects were based on Java - a programming language I had not worked with on such a big scale before. The 6-months of exposure to Java and understanding of its inner nuances were extremely helpful while working on my project at NTU. I have come to love Java, for its powerful object-oriented nature that makes conceptualization of a solution a lot easier, and also for the immense developer community support available for it. Besides, its got nice IDEs :D

What's my philosophy about learning?

I like innovation, learning about new technologies and working out those ideas in real-time. This way, I understand concepts faster and better. I also believe in perfecting whatever I do. And if I don't understand a concept or a subject, I take my time to fully understand it. Not only do I insist on a practical approach during my personal study,  I also believe in the important role  this plays in improving effectiveness of teaching. The lectures I conducted on Genetic Algorithms within the Artificial Intelligence Club's activities had this focus (I was the working committee member of this club). Subjects with more theory posed a challenge as the emphasis was on formulae-based problem solving. My efforts to understand the concepts took a lot of time, casting a shadow on my performance. But in the face of it all, I stood my ground without compromising on my way of learning. And this is the reason I was able to work on so many wonderful projects culminating in international publications at the undergraduate level. However, in order to fulfil my dream of pursuing higher education and research in a university of my choice, I am required to show my academic competence. This is why I decided to go in for an extra examination, the GATE to display my understanding of the concepts. And, my performance serves the purpose.