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I’ve duel existence. Tantamount mixture of spirit and quarks has amalgamated in the marrow of my ego.  Half of my soul is guided by my libido and other half is purely cherubic.

 I’m romantic, humble, friendly, fashionable, ascetic, moderate, modest and spiritual; still pragmatic, arrogant, fiendish, uncouth, hedonist, eccentric, rude and materialist. That’s all made me unique human being or brutal beast.

But I’m perfectionist. I value words and I respect that of others. I love making new friends, knowing their past and philosophy of life. I’m respectful, respectful towards people, religion, customs and ethics.

I love my parents, brothers, sister, nieces, nephew, my girls, my kinsfolk, and friends. This part of my ego believes in transcendence, human limitations and ultimately surrenders to Omniscience, Omnipresence Almighty.


My other half is foe of established norms and sects, perfect iconoclastic. It questions everything and tries to get explanations on the basis of established theories and don’t believe preternatural powers. 

I’m ambitious and hard worker. I've faith on my capabilities and I can judge people at ease. I classify people I meet, and I regulate my behavior to best suit to for him. 

I don't extol a person, when he is not perfect for the adjectives. I’m calculative, choosy, erratic, and narcissist.  I do respect my opponents, but I don’t quit arena till my last breath, I’m perfect do-or-die gladiator.


I love to read a lot, lot of stuffs, mostly science stuffs, now-a-days. I remain connected to groups, forums and networks of my interest, which now being narrowed to science and technology.

 I have concrete plan; Plan for month, for year, for decade and for life. I’m working hard to attain all my objectives. And I foresee I will get what I want. Cause I want that blindly, deeply and madly.