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Mohammad Golam Mustafa Bhuyan





Campus:                                                                                                                                     Permanent: 

344, Ahsanullah Hall                                                                                              GPO Box No (New):231

BUET, Dhaka-1100                                                                                             Dhaka GPO, Dhaka-1000

+88-02-9892990-3080499                                                         +88-01711-080499 or +88-017-13068233

golam.mustafa[I'm AT]grameenphone[gawkt]com                             mustafa[I'm@]golam@gmail[gawt]com



NATIONALITY:               Bangladeshi (By Birth)

DATE OF BIRTH:               24th April,1981

BIRTH PLACE:                    Shirajgonj (Bangladesh)


FATHER’S NAME:             Haji Md. Jamal Uddin Bhuyan

MOTHER’s NAME:          Begum Hosnewara


OBJECTIVE:       Electrical Engineering Graduate with System Administration and R&D experience.

To become world class network professional with expertise on Network Security and Firewall and finally work to reduce the digital divide to the grass root people of my country.


SUMMARY:          Research Assistant experience in IICT, BUET.

                         PCB Design Expertise and Embedded design Experience.

                              BUET graduate with BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

                              Certification on Cisco system’s product with CCNA degree.

                              Linux expertise with RHCE exam preparation.

                              System Administrator Experience for Two Years.

                              Outstanding Microsoft Office Skills (Excel, Win Word, & Power Point)

   Excellent communication, problem solving and customer services skills






                           Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, April 2007

                           Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

                           Graduated Electrical and Electronic Engineer with a GPA of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale


                           Courses taken included:

                           Microwave Communication               Telecommunication Engineering

                           Biomedical Electronics                       Microprocessor Design

                           Power Stations,                                 Power System Analysis

                           Materials                                           DC, AC Machines

                           DSD, DSP, DLD                              AC, DC Circuits etc.   


                           Higher Secondary Certificate Exam, 2001

                     Pabna Cadet College, Pabna

                           Passed with 91% marks with First Division and Star Marks.

                           I stood 15th in the combined merit list in Science Group in Rajshahi Board.


                           Secondary School Certificate Exam, 1999

                     Pabna Cadet College, Pabna

                           Passed with 94.5% marks with First Division and Star Marks

                           I stood 1st in the combined merit list in Science Group in Rajshahi Board.


                     Elementary School, Monipur High School, 1990-1995

                     Monipur, Mirpur-2, Dhaka

                     Elementary Level Studies up to sixth grade.

                          Highest class rank was 8th in the class of 160+ students.






                           Research Assistant, June 06 to till date.

                     Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT), BUET.

                              Design 3 phase prepayment electricity energy meter, prepayment Gas meter and Implement SCADA

                              Design PCB Board for the different projects and develop working circuit.

                              Sourcing component and communicate foreign counter part to order PCB.

                              Suggestion feasibility of PCB plant implement for large scale production.

                              Tested new circuitry for ISO 9001 compliance.

                              Developed library for smart card module for integration with meters.

                              Received Bonus for excellent performance.




                           System Administrator, Dec 2004 to Dec 2006

                      Dynasty IT, 118, Elephant Road, Dhaka

           To maintain uninterrupted Internet connection to 2 Linux router-box with

       Dedicated LAN users more than 100 in number and 24/7 open cybercafe with  

       20 PCs.

      To design and implement expansion plan for smooth running of the system.

      To control and distribute bandwidth by squid system policy.

      To design and implement firewall by iptables-ipchains and shell scripts.

      To implement site filtering policy based on site content by Squid.

      Linux Kernel based security policy implementation.

      User administration (defines and configures access rights)

      System Backup / restore procedures

      Implement security requirements on the assigned operating system


   Assistant System Administrator, Feb 2003 to Nov 2004

                      Easy Soft BD, Elephant Road, Dhaka

     Install and configure OSs (M / Linux / AS400 / UNIX / NT  ...Etc)

                        To monitor network performance and suggest modifications needed for

                               Smooth running of the system.


   Part Time Teacher, Omeca Coaching Center, Session 2002-2005

                      Main Centre, Farm Gate, Dhaka

                         To give lesson on HSC Students on Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.



   • Member, IEEE Student Chapter, BUET, 2002-2006

                      • Active member of Bangladesh Linux User Group (BDLUG)

                           • Owner of BUETian group, largest net group of BUET graduates.

                           • Life Time Blood Donor, Quantum Blood Collection Group, Bangladesh.



   • Current affairs, General knowledge, Europe's Modern History

   • Geography, Theology, Economics, Stock Markets

   • Graph Theory, Relativity.

   • Writing Poems and essays in local daily news papers (freelance).


   • Best All-rounder Cadet of Champion Bashani House in the year 1998.

   • Received Medal and Crest from AG, Army for Excellent result in SSC.

   • Man of the Match in the ICCCC 2000 (Inter Cadet College Cricket         

                              Championship Competition.)

   • Best Cricketer Trophy at the year 2001 in Pabna Cadet College.

   • Received Medal and Crest From AG, Army for Excellent result in HSC.

   • First Prize on BSC Essay writing competition 2004.

   Fellowship of SANOG5, Dhaka from 7-14 February.



• “Alcatel Customer Seminar 2004 “at Hotel Sarina during 1st week of

   December of 2004.


• “Networking" course offered by TITAS at IICT of BUET at Level-2, Term-1.

    I got B+ on the course i.e. i got marks around 75% to 80 %.

• “Linux for Enterprise Use" course offered by TITAS at IICT of BUET at

    Level 2, Term 2. I got A+ on the course i.e. i got marks above 90%.

• “IEEE Student Workshop 2003" at BUET Cafe Seminar Room.

Workshop on BGP, IPv6, DNS, AS on SDNP on 23rd January, 2003.

   • SANOG5 which was held in Dhaka 2005.

                           • Workshop on Astronomy organized by Bangladesh Astronomical Association

                              (BAA) in 2005.

   • CNAP course leading to CCNA vendor exam from BUET, 05.

   • Microcontroller: From basic to Project implement, Nov-Dec, 06, IICT, BUET.



                         BSC Scholarship giving Ceremony, 2005 at Osmani National Auditorium.

      BSC Scholarship giving Ceremony, 2006 at Osmani National Auditorium.


                          Bangla                    Mother language.

  English                   Talk, Read, Write.

  Hindi, Urdu           Talk, Basic

  French                    Introductory level.





                     Windows: DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows

                                              Millennium, Windows XP

                           Linux      : Redhat 6.0 to FC4. Mandrake, Suse, Debian, Ankur, Ubuntu

                           UNIX      : BSD, Sun Solaris

                           Mac Os  :  Apple Macintosh


            Office      : Microsoft office, Star Office, Open office, Visio 2002.

            Email      :  Eudora, Thunderbird, Outlook XP

            PCB        :  Orcad Suite (Capture CIS, Layout Plus, PSpice)


                                            C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, Python, CGI, BASIC, Visual Basic, 

                                            Bash, Awk.


Knowledge in Linux:

1. System performance evaluation by ps, top, vmstat, watch and vtad

2. Kernel Tuning by Compiling and Installing Customized Kernel

I have sound knowledge on Code Maturity Level Selection, Loadable module Selection, CPU support, Memory Model, Disk Support, PnP Device Support, Network Device support, Universal System Options, PCI/System V, Console, Character Device, File System, Parallel Port, Mouse, Multimedia, Joystick, Power Management, PCMCIA/CARDBUS  Support options of kernel configuration.

Also setting server options LVM, RAID, Real Time Clock Support for SMP System and IP packet filtering (Firewall) options of Kernel and Running Demanding Application

3. Configure GRUB/LiLo for Customized Linux System.

4. File System Creating, Tuning and repairing with   ext2, ext3 file system with mke2fs, e2fsprogs, and e2fsck.

5. Network Performance monitoring/tuning

Traffic Routing with network segmentation, Round Robin DNS, IP accounting.

6. Install, Configure and fine tuning of Apache

7. Install, Configure and fine tuning of SQUID proxy server with firewall and filtering by ACL.

8. Install, Configure and fine tuning of MTAs (Qmail, Sendmail, and Postfix) which includes customized setting of particular problems.

9. Setting and tuning of  NFS and Samba Server



Sound Knowledge on:

Journaling Filesystem like XFS, ReiserFS, ext3 etc.

Which includes process of compiling and installing ReiserFS, Using and Benchmarking ReiserFS.

LVM : Kernel Supporting

VGM utilities ( vgscan, vgcfgrestore, vgchange, vgck, vgcreate, vgdisplay, vgexport, vgextend, vgimport, vgmerge, vgmknodes, vgreduce, vgremove, vgrename, vgscan, vgsplit etc.)

LVM utilities ( lvchange, lvcreate, lvdisplay, lvextend, lvreduce, lvremove, lvrename, lvscan )

LVM manager Utilities ( lvmchange, lvmcreate_initrd, lcmdiskscan, lvmsadc, lvmsar etc).

HW/SW RAID, SANs much more.








            Will be provided On Request!!!