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If you are just starting your GRE preparation, then you should not read any book other than Barron's GRE. After successfully reading and memorizing of the 50 word list from Barron, you should start solving questions from different source. 

I lately realized that and did it. From the beginning of my GRE preparation,  I was looking for word lists of Barron in Electronic format. I did google and found several, but they charge credit for words which come to existence freely and  for which I don't want to waste my money :) So I typed all the word lists of Barron in Excel in one weekend (Friday and Saturday) and ever since I'm reading only this Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet can be very helpful if you use is accordingly.

I would like to invite  volunteers to come up and edit/modify/suggest improvement of the spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can be very helpful in your preparation of GRE.

I've codified all Barron words in Excel sheet, which means, now you can prepare in smarter way. Shorting words in accordance with difficulty and playing with them in infinite way, makes you well armed to win the battle.

For started, you should read the Excel spread sheet, until you have memorized 70% words.  Send me an Email to get the latest version of the preparation tool. Here is the screen shot for you.

For the last one month of exam concentrate on Test Engine, See the picture below.

 Have fun with GRE. Bye for now

I'm pasting the spreadsheet in the below so that it increased the hits of this site in Search Engines.

You can download the sheet from the following URLs.

As Excel Format: GOAL1600_NOEXAMPLE.xls

Latest Version : Release 2.0 [10/11/2007]  :)

Send me an email at my gmail Box only,

[ mustafa.golam[at]{gmail/yahoo/hotmail}.com ], indicating your personal detail. I'll send you latest version of the tools or links to download the tools. 

Kudos to every one, who are preparing for  GRE.

As Tab delimitated .txt file:

Here is the Word list for SE Optimization ;)