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DEFA, as it stands,  "Data Extraction From AXE"  is a tool which extracts, processes, formats and finally presents Ericsson's AXE platform's data in a way which reduce the fatigue normally an Telecommunication Engineer withstand on day to day basis.

The idea is very simple. It uses available tools of AXE (Command Handler, WinFil, OPS and Command Line programs ) to dump the network data. Then process it by very handy but versatile  text processing scripts/programs. Finally 3rd party softwares like, Excel, lotus or any spreadsheet programs is used to load the output files from the text processing scripts/programs. It helps the Engineers by presenting the information in an unique way. 

You can process output for a single command like RLDEP to all the available P commands. You can select the type of the reports you want to generate (currently CDD and MO only) and choose the information sheets it should show.

This tool can be made even more complex by incorporating the automatic fault finding and remedy action execution facility which currently it lacks.

 If you are interested to know more about the program and want to evaluate demo version, then you can contact with me. The fastest way to reach me is to send an email at mustafa.golam@{gmail/yahoo/hotmail/lycos}.com 

[Send only at Gmail, I don't check other emails regularly]

Here is a sample picture of the final output of the program.

[Mail to get the Snapshot (C) (?) ]