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Goalless Life is Like Tiller less Boat.


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Carrier Goal:

I've  changed a lot. Now i want to be an entrepreneur in the long run. In next 6 years i want to be Internet Expert particularly on security. But situation can turn me to a Mobile engineer or PCB Designer or business man.

When i was toddler, my uncles and aunts used to call me "Poncha Daktar "  which means "Not good Doctor". I don't know why they called me. But i can remember that there was a Family doctor staying in my grandpa's house with whom I've nice intimacy. I can not remember his name. 

When I was reading in the primary school, I dreamed to be Pilot  watching Jet Plane flying high in the sky. I was good learner and was getting reward for that.  Our family moved to Dhaka in 1989. I got admitted to Monipur High School. In that time  I turned very religious pupil, offering my prayer five times a day and even more.  That time, I dreamed to be Perfect Muslim. By that I meant one who is fully obliged and dutiful to Islam.  Unfortunately I got admitted to Cadet College which made my parent's very proud and i got a completely different atmosphere. It was extraordinary for me to be in that constrained and bounded institution. I was very nervous and performing badly initially. 

Cadet college has changed me a lot, especially it's library. I used to read a lot, which was not bound to my class subject. In the library hour I read books on French Revolution, science, Reader Digest, Encyclopedia and lot more.  I dreamed to be a theoretical physicist then.

My SSC result give me courage and made my family happy. I was flying in the sky.  In fact i was aim less that time just enjoying the popularity and campus idol like arrogance. I  was romantic,  some time.  All thorough my college life actually I did not follow any plan.