Developing dimensional data warehouses, data marts, and analytical, reporting, and machine-generated-data databases powered by Infobright.

Musnikow Consulting
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"In God we trust; all others bring data" 1
We assist organizations in the effective use of databases powered by the breakthough technology of Infobright and other applications that "bring data" to decision making.
1 In God we trust; all others must bring data” is often attributed to W. Edwards Deming, but ironically, without a specific citation.

Fail fast, fail cheap
We strongly advocate proofs of concept and pilots before starting a longer project.

"Bite size project"

As Don DeLoach, CEO and President of Infobright, wrote in his October 3, 2012 CEO Blog:
"Simpler is better. Less is more. Shorter works. Do bite size projects that align with long-term objectives. Make sure everyone clearly understands the objectives. Succeed in small ways, then iterate."

"Publish The Right Data"

In "Design Tip #141 Expanding Boundaries of the Data Warehouse," December 6, 2011, Ralph Kimball wrote:
'I go back to the data warehouse mission statement, which can be said in four words: Publish The Right Data. "Publish" means to present the data assets of the organization in the most effective possible way. Such a presentation must be understandable, compelling, attractively presented, and immediately accessible. Think of a high quality conventional publication. "Right Data" means those data assets that most effectively inform decision makers for all types of decisions ranging from real-time tactical to long term strategic.'

"The best, successful big data projects should be about getting quality enterprise information to the appropriate end users and letting managers make business-minded moves based on the results."

"Good Agile Is Messy Agile"

Mark J. Balbes, Ph.D., in Application Development Trends, March 15, 2012, explains why good agile is messy agile.
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Alan Musnikow - Principal Consultant

Alan is an information technology consultant specializing in dimensional data warehouses, data marts, and analytical and reporting databases. Before founding Musnikow Consulting, he worked on the data warehouses at Columbia University and its Medical Center. Prior to that he was:
  • Data Architect for the implementation of a research administration system at Columbia University.
  • Project Manager for Tyler Technologies' implementation of a property assessment administration system for Nassau County, NY.
  • Application Development Manager and Acting Co-manager of Information Technology for Glencore Ltd., a global commodity trading company with annual sales exceeding $8 billion.
  • Project Leader at the commodity trading subsidiary of Salomon Inc.
  • Designer of a product profit reporting data warehouse for Citibank USA.
  • Senior Manager of consulting for the international accounting firm Ernst & Whinney.
Alan has an MBA in Systems Analysis from the Columbia Business School and a BA in Economics, Magna cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Queens College of the City University of New York.