Interest Groups


Book Club

      Co-ordinator - Jill Liberty - 705-687-0878

      The group chooses books for the year.  Members read, critique and comment.

Co-ordinator - Nancy Barber - 705-375-3620

      A member of this group hosts each week. You don't have to have lots of bridge tables and stuff;

     we borrow from each other.


Current Issues Discussion

      Co-ordinator - Joanne Bruce - 705-645-2564

     Topics are chosen by the group.  One member presents, and usually a 

      very lively discussion follows. 


Film Appreciation 

     Co-ordinator - Diane Adamson - 705-764-1381    

     The hostess chooses the film.  The group view it and a discussion follows.

     Often the film offered is through the "spinning reels" organization


Gourmet Dining

      Co-0rdinator - Joanne Twist  705 - 684-8725

     The hostess sets the theme and each attendee brings their assigned dish.

     This is one group that includes significant others/co-vivants/spouses, etc.


History of Art

      Co-ordinator - Susie Phillips  705 - 645-2004

      This group has selected Jansen's History of Art as their textbook.  Members select

       a topic relevant to the chapter being studied and present.  It is anticipated that it will

       take years to get through the textbook.

Outdoor Trekkers

        Co-ordinator - Martha Davis  705 - 645-6953

           The trekkers meet once a month for a hike in some Muskoka location.

Duplicate Bridge

        Co-ordinator - Nancy Barber - 705-375-3620

        Duplicate bridge is played once per month at a member's home

Environmental Issues

        Co-ordinator - Gail Lederer 705-687-2759