Community Activities

Author's Night

An author is selected, and invited to come to speak to the community.  This session, usually held in the late spring, is a fundraiser and open to all comers.  Funds raised go towards the CFUW Bursary program.  Go to Upcoming Events for details

Bridge Luncheons

After a sandwich lunch, attendees play bridge through the afternoons.  These events  usually occur three times per year.  Funds raised go towards the CFUW Bursary program.         Go to Upcoming Events for details.

 Opening Doors

CFUW members assist at a session designed for Grade 7 and 8 female students.  The program exposes these students to professions that are not traditionally open to women, such as those that need the math and science stream.

CFUW-Muskoka Charitable Trust

CFUW-Muskoka shows its commitment to the promotion of post-secondary learning through the CFUW-Muskoka Charitable Trust. Please see the Charitable Trust page for more information.