My "by Guild" Collection

I actually started collecting guitars "by Guild" in the 70's with the Madiera Acoustic Guitar.  Recently I've added a few more, for various reasons - good deals, fits in my Guild collection and even another project.  These are great foreign manufactured guitars that have the design and quality of Guild without the higher price - similar to Fender's Squire and Bullet lines.

My acoustic is still in Florida, so I won't be working on it or taking pictures any time soon.  Since then I've sold a Burnside Strat, bought a DeArmond Ashbory "Rubber-Band" bass, a Madiera "SG" "EBO" style bass that is similar to my Guild S-100 (almost), a Burnside "Tele" style guitar project, and most recently a DeArmond Pilot V 5-string bass to replace the 6-string that I have been playing.