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I recognize that some people learn better by discussing or writing things out. Musicians thrive from the criticism and exchange of ideas between their peers. I also realize that, as a student, you don't have enough time to ask all the questions that pop into your head at 2am when you're starting that project that's due in about six hours.
That is why I decided to begin a class blog. You will not be graded on your participation or lack therof, this is simply an extra resource for you to use, should you so choose.

I will be monitoring all of the comments and posts for appropriateness, relevance, and respectfulness. If anyone posts something which I deem inappropriate, they will be banned from further participation in the group, and I will be speaking with their parents.

The class blog is moderated, so in order to participate, you will need to send me an email with the subject 'Music Theory II' so I will know that you are not spam. I will then invite you to create a free gmail account. If you already have a gmail account, create another one; this account is to be used specifically for compositional endeavors and should be treated like a professional account for work.

Once you have your gmail account, send me an email with the subject 'Blog' so I will know you are not spam. I will then send you a link to become an author for the class blog which, by the way, is here.