Welcome to Kelly and Tom's Pokemon Fanfiction site!  We have come up with our own original storyline and our own original characters (mostly based on us and our friends) that I hope you enjoy.  Don't worry, your favorite characters from the games and the anime show up from time to time.  If you want to get to know our characters and their background before you start reading, make sure you check out the Timeline and Characters sections.  Happy reading!
-First thing's first!  Read the timeline and character bios so you know who you're reading about!  Trust me, it'll save you a lot of confusion.
-Most of our stories take place after Tom becomes the Champion of the Indigo Plateau Elite Four (What? Champion?  This is why it's good to read the timeline and character bios), but there is a category set aside for "prequel" stories.
-Our fanfictions are - for the most part - within the anime canon.  (We've obviously taken some liberties making Tom the Champion and Lucas a member of our travelling party, but these are things that are never mentioned in the anime so we just kinda got creative)
-We're not writing them in order, so be on the look out for new stories in all the categories (this is why the timeline is so important!!!!!  We're basically writing stories as ideas come to us.)
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